new gun owner mistakes

8 New Gun Owner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Guns are selling like hotcakes! 7.5 million Americans became new gun owners between January 2019 and April 2021. 

However, guns are never without danger. Thousands of new gun owners injure themselves and others due to basic mistakes. If you want to stay safe with a new gun, you need to be aware of new gun owner mistakes. 

Which type of gun should you buy? What safety tools do you need to avoid thefts and accidents? How can you stay safe while holding a gun?

Answer these questions, and you can make gun ownership safe and simple. Here are eight mistakes that you can avoid.

1. Disregarding the Different Types of Guns

You shouldn’t just buy the first gun you see. A handgun is very different from a shotgun or rifle, and you may not need a high-powered firearm for self-protection. 

If you’re interested in self-defense, we would recommend buying a pistol or revolver. It is easy for beginners to fire, and you can grip one in both hands easily. Pistols and revolvers hit stationary targets best, though you can hit moving ones with practice.

Read a guide on how to buy a starter handgun before you finalize your purchase. You should try out a few different guns and look at the safety features. 

If you’re more interested in bird hunting or clay pigeon shooting, you can buy a shotgun. The gun disperses pellets, which make it easy to hit moving targets. 

Rifles are another type of gun that hit stationary targets. Their advantage is that you can hit targets from far away. If you’re interested in hunting, you should buy a rifle.

2. Not Talking To Your Loved Ones

Before you purchase a gun, you should talk to the people you live with. You should get their approval to buy it, and you should let them know where you are going to store it. 

If you have kids, you should sit down and have a conversation with them about the gun. Tell them that they should never touch it or go near it unless you give them the approval to do so. 

3. Ignoring Gun Laws

The federal government and each state have their own set of gun laws. Whether you agree with them or not, you must follow them. You risk lengthy prison sentences if you ignore the rules, especially if you fire an illegal firearm at someone.

In particular, you need to have a permit with your state in order to own a firearm. If you want to conceal the firearm on yourself, you need to get a concealed gun permit.

4. Missing Gun Safety Training

In order to receive a permit, you may need to go through mandatory safety training. You may not be required to get training, but we would still recommend getting it. You can hone your skills in holding and firing a gun, and you can learn about your local laws, too. 

Your state may have a list of recommended schools. You can also talk to your friends who own guns and ask them where they took classes.

5. Carrying a Gun Incorrectly

Many accidental shootings happen because gun owners don’t carry their guns in the correct manner. Whenever you are not holding your gun, you should put it in a holster. The gun should point down away from your body, and the safety should be on. 

When you draw your gun, you should grip the handle firmly. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have brought the gun up and are ready to fire. Use both hands to grip the gun and hold the gun away from yourself to minimize the risk of recoil.

6. Not Investing in Proper Gun Storage

Roughly 300,000 guns were stolen in the United States in 2020. A thief may break into your house just to steal your gun, which they can use to hurt someone else. 

You must buy a gun safe that you can store underneath your bed or in a closet. You can place your ammunition with your gun, or you can store your ammunition separately. 

You should memorize the combination without writing it down. If you can’t open your safe, you should talk to your safe manufacturer instead of breaking your safe open.

7. Buying the Wrong Ammunition for Guns

Firing a gun with the wrong ammunition can result in the gun exploding or breaking. You may select high-caliber ammunition by mistake, which can pass through solid surfaces and hit someone.

If you own a handgun, we recommend putting soft-point bullets in it. These bullets will not over-penetrate or create large explosions. 

Your shotgun can only fire shells of a certain gauge. Check to see that your shells are in the right gauge before you load your gun.

8. Acting Impulsively

Any time you fire a gun, you risk your life and someone else’s. You should only fire your gun at someone if they pose a threat to you.

You cannot fire just because someone looks suspicious or may have a weapon. You must try to de-escalate the situation by leaving the area or talking to the person threatening you.

If you decide to open fire, you should avoid trying to kill the other person. You can hit their leg or arm to knock them down.

Avoiding New Gun Owner Mistakes

New gun owner mistakes can hurt you in the blink of an eye. You should buy the right gun for your needs and get training, even if it’s not required. 

You must get a gun safe, holster, and the right ammunition for your gun. You should learn how to carry a gun without accidentally firing it. Do not fire your gun unless you are in an unsafe situation. 

Once you know about safety, you can get your ideal gun. We at Gun Shop Near You connect you to gun shops. Find a gun shop near you today.