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The Top 7 Affordable Handguns for Under $500

Approximately 42% of Americans own a gun or live in a household with someone who does. A majority of these gun owners cite personal and home protection. With numerous firearms on the market, we find that the handgun is convenient to own.

Not only is it easy to carry but also great for self-defense and range shooting. Although you can spend a lot of money on a handgun and get something, not everyone has a huge amount they can spend on a firearm.

Luckily, you can get affordable handguns without compromising on performance. You can get high-quality handguns for under $500. In this article, we will review 7 of the best handguns that fit very well into this price range.


This double-action handgun is a 9mm Luger caliber with a 10+1-round capacity. Built to last, this handgun has a receiver made from superior quality 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy as well as a frame and grip made from Zytel polymer.

With an overall 5.7-inch length, we recommend the SCCY CPX-2 as a good concealable pistol. While we consider the double-action trigger a little heavy, you will get used to it and improve your accuracy. For ultimate gun safety, this handgun has got you covered with features like the hammer firing system, trigger lock, and guard safety.

In terms of disassembly and reassembly, we find that the all-steel, completely compressed recoil system design makes it easy.

2. Bersa Thunder Plus 380ACP 15RD 3.5″ Pistol

Looking for a handgun with good capacity for under $500?

We advise you consider this Thunder Plus handgun from Bersa. Chambered in .380ACP, it has an overall length of 6.6-inches and provides an exceptional capacity of 15+1 rounds. This means less reloading during an emergency or when at the range.

Made with a steel side and strong alloy frame, this handgun couples sturdiness with good balance. It also weighs in at 1.25-lbs (20 ounces) and features a rubber grip that provides a firm hold when you draw or aim the firearm.

In terms of safety mechanisms, we find the Thunder Plus very secure with its manual safety functionality and integral locking system along with the firing pin.

3. M&P Shield 40S&W BLK 3.1

When it comes to popularity, the M&P Shield is right up there with the best less than 500-dollar handguns. It is slim and lightweight, weighing at 1.19-lbs (19.04-ounces).

We recommend this handgun to anyone looking for a compact, durable firearm. The pistol measures at 6.1-inches in length, including the 3.1-inch barrel. It’s also chambered in .40 S&W with a capacity of 6+1 rounds.

It has fixed front and rear sights with a low bore axis as well as an 18-degree grip angle that makes shooting easy.

What we love most about this handgun is that it offers a steady trigger pull and short trigger reset. This helps enhance accuracy and allows for rapid follow-up shots. Additionally, this handgun has a no-tool takedown system that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

4. Ruger LCP II .380 ACP Pistol

If you are after durable but cheap handguns, we prefer the Ruger LCP II .380 ACP pistol. Thanks to its rugged construction, you can be sure it is built to last. It comes in the form of a hardened steel slide and a sturdy grip frame.

The handgun has a capacity of 6+1 rounds. With an overall length of 5.17-inches, we find it easy to conceal as you go about your daily business.

It is also easy to use. If you master the smooth trigger pull, your shooting accuracy will increase. You can also take advantage of the laser sight that affords shooters superior visibility.

5. Walther PPS M2 9mm LE Edition Pistol

Since Walther is a prestigious and long-established weapon manufacturer, most of their guns are well over $500 price. But not the PPS M2 9mm LE Edition handgun model. If you are buying a handgun, we advise you to select this model. While it’s affordable, it doesn’t compromise value.

It’s a high-quality, compact handgun with a stylish design and functionality to please any gun enthusiast. Coming in at 6.3-inches in overall length, this handgun is a good choice for EDC (Everyday Carry).

The application of tenifer coating to the slide and barrel makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. We also adore the 3-dot polymer sights that offer a day and night advantage through quick aiming and target acquisition.

6. Springfield XD Defenders Series 9mm 3″ Pistol

For a compact, budget-friendly handgun that packs a punch, you can never wrong with the Springfield XD Defenders Series. With its 9mm caliber and capacity of 13+1 rounds, the handgun offers exceptional shooting ability.

Weighing in at 1.625-lbs (26 ounces) with an overall 6.25-inch length, we notice the gun is often classified as a sub-compact. However, it still offers all of the features you will need for safe and smooth shooting. Some features we find worthy to note include:

  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Striker status indicator
  • USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) Action trigger system
  • Grip safety
  • Internal firing pin block

Additionally, we like the robust, durable use that this handgun offers thanks to its polymer frame and melonite metal finish.

7. Taurus 66 Medium .357 MAG/.38 SPL +P Revolver

When it comes to budget handguns, the Taurus 66 Medium provides great power and value. What we find impressive is that this handgun offers the choices of .38 Special +P ammo or .357 Magnum despite its affordability. It guarantees effective and hard-hitting shots sure to stop any intruders in their tracks.

It has an overall length of 12.25-inches and weighs more than other guns at 2.5-lbs (40 ounces). Additionally, it’s a 7-round capacity firearm. Since it’s easy to operate, we recommend it to new gun owners.

Whether you opt for the double-action or single-action trigger operation, safety is yours. We reckon it’s due to the transfer bar security feature that comes with a cohesive lock system.

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