12 reviews

Alaskan Gun & Ammo

marker Fairbanks, Alaska


12 reviews
Tiffany Mayer

best shop in town I will not buy a gun anywhere else the owner is friendly and prices are more then fair some may seem high but there consignment guns his guns are great and if anything don't work he will have his gunsmith fix it or will give a good deal for trading it back for a different gun and to the guy that said he sold you a stolen gun your lame he also offers a layaway you only have to pay 15% then you have 60 days to pay it off so I give him 5 stars everyday and two thumbs up
Howard Cleveland

Had a molot vepr shipped there, the older gentleman who works there took it upon himself to open the box and handle my $1600 rifle before me.. He then talked down about my choice of firearms and suggested I bring in a couple of my handguns to trade for a couple of magazines and a little bit of ammo as if that sounded reasonable to him. Ive bought firearms from other places and the NICS background check took no time at all, however I believe the man working there wasnt doing something quite right because my NICS background check took way longer than it should have, he was talking to me as if I was a criminal until the background check came back and then he started to be polite again once he realized I am in fact not a criminal. Anyways, I only chose this as my FFL because classicfirearms recommended this place, wont go back there again.
Eric Kay

Overpriced, limited selection, condescending, disingenuous, don't waste your time. Get your FFL and find exactly what you want online at competitive prices. Forget about putting anything on consignment there as they will take advantage of you at every opportunity. Not much of store, more of a social gathering spot for the retired. It's only a matter of time before this place fades away.
Dona Rule

The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. He has good prices and I like the quality of his products.
Bohemian Jackboot

He's a nice guy, but his prices are extreme. Selling a used DPMS LR-308 for - $1175 when brand new it is $800-900 DPMS.If you want a good deal go to Bowman Arms.