50 reviews

Arizona Firearms

marker Gilbert, Arizona


50 reviews
Kris G

Poor customer service, I didnt even finish asking what I was looking for and he was already shaking his head no. Young clerk didnt have any idea what he was talking about. I had done all my research on line and was actually able to find exactly what I wanted. Needless to say I didnt use them as an FFL even though they are 5 minutes away from me.
Allan Draper

All of the staff is very friendly and helpful. They always have plenty of staff working and all of them know their stuff. They have very competitive prices on guns and ammo. They are happy to answer questions even when not purchasing a firearm from them. This is my local go-to for everything firearms related.
Braden Jarvis

Great shop with plenty of options. I went in on 5/13 to purchase a handgun for concealed carry. I wish I could remember the associate's name. but he was taller, had black hair and glasses. The associate greeted myself and my friend I had brought along and listened exactly to what I was looking for. Didn't show me anything too far outside my price range, and only showed me sub-compact options that I was looking for. Was in and out in just under 45 minutes with a new concealed carry handgun. Easy and painless. Will definitely buy from here again.
Gary Joyner

These guys were great and Very friendly.Went in yesterday and knew exactly what I wanted and they didn't try to upsale or offer an alternative for a higher price. Well stocked and very clean. Even had a door greater that was friendly. I will be returning and will recommend. Keep up the great job guys!!!!
Alan K. Wittig-Jr

These guys are awesome! Good prices on a lot of their stuff. They actually WANT to sell a gun and not for ridiculous prices.