8 reviews

Auburn Guns & Ammo

marker Auburn, California


8 reviews
Dutch Hatter

Great prices and great service!
Map Collector

Keeping us customers happy!! Guns,guns and ammo!!!! Repairs done very well and at a reasonable price. Guns and gun accessories (in my hank hill voice :) ). Their gunsmith Chris is the best around and keeps me coming back, his work is second to none. I will have no other person work on my arms as he is the best around. I WILL be back, keep up the great work!
Jeff Virgil

Great experience . Awesome pricing , and Christmas is coming up !!!
Chris G

Very helpful, great guys.
Jerry Doeden

they are a little gun store with a lot of gun knowledge and passion for the love of guns and shooting .Family owned and ran.There not looking to get rich at but they do need to make a little to keep the doors open.If your buying online check with them first I think he can save you time and money.