22 reviews

Abraxas Jewelry and Leather

marker Ferndale, California


22 reviews
Mike Parent

Karen Morris

Love coming to this store has incense matches and other beautiful treasures jewelry of all sorts.. hats hats and more hats

this place is so nice im not sure where to start.. the selection of really beautiful jewelry is massive - i dont know how else to put it. so many different silver and precious and semi precious stones its had to describe. tons of shell jewelry too. chains, bracelets, rings, ear-rings, like not just a few bracelets and rings but probably thousands.. i mean really.. this wonderful store has alot of really great creative body adornments. now all said above thats not even mentioned the 'hat room'.. this wonderful room in back is saturated in hats.. again hard to describe but ill do my best.. ponder this.. a large room completely stuffed with hats, great hats, very nice quality hats of all kinds.. scarfs.. millions.. lol.. masks galore! clothing, covers.. i mean like really.. this place is overwhelming! i am 100% confidant in claiming that Abraxes jewelry and leather is a must go to.
Beth Watrous

Fabulous store!
Lorraine Grumet

Beautiful artisan jewelry, ornaments, wallets, purses and hats galore