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AFAB Firearms

marker Fullerton, California


6 reviews
Anthony Gauslin

I first posted the following review on 9/7. More than once I discovered on AFAB's website that it had been buried. If this has been AFAB'S practice with other bad reviews then the public is not getting an accurate assessment of the way the business operates. I delivered 2 pistols to AFAB on 6/21/23 to have sights installed. I also asked for a price on a Cajun trigger for the CZ. Dave, the owner, said the work would take 2 1/2 weeks. In the following 6 weeks I called 3 times, not to complain, but to ask for a price on the trigger. At nine weeks I got a price - the one and only call from AFAB. At the end of 11 weeks I received an email - the only email I ever got - asking if it was okay to order the sights. I was in no way rude but the attitude of my response via email clearly conveyed that I was not pleased. I added that I intended to pick up the pistols. The following day there was no email response from AFAB. The next day on 9/7 I finally had an opportunity to pick up the guns. While at the store there was no sign of concern or attempt to inquire as to why I lost all confidence in this business. When I got home I realized that the 1911 magazine was missing. I emailed that they could keep it, that I had no intention of ever setting foot in that store again [To date no effort from AFAB to apologize or return the magazine has been made whether by phone or email.] I've bought and sold guns for over 45 years, I reload and remain a semi active shooter. Over that time I have dealt with a few gunsmiths - sadly, my last one retired. But of all the gun stores and gunsmiths that I've ever dealt with, no other encounter comes remotely close to the exceptionally bad experience I just had with AFAB. I still don't know what I could have done to inspire such treatment. AFAB's showroom is one of the most creative I've seen. Dave, the owner, was pleasant to talk to the first and only time I met him on 6/21. I tip my hat to any gun establishment still open in So.Cal - so many moved out of state long ago. AFAB could be a fabulous gun store that I would enthusiastically recommend to several shooters I know. But sad to say, my experience revealed the store's indifferent and dishonest underbelly. Very Sincerely ~Tony G.
Ronald Blomquist

Juan Hernandez

Rob Houser

These Guys know their stuff. Honest and reliable simply put the best in the business
Miko Nora

I've had an AMAZING experience with them recently and I can't recommend them enough. Definitely 100% my go-to FFL from now on for everything from now on. Their service was great and are really enthusiastic about what they do. You'd be really hard-pressed to find another place like this one. Once you've given them a try I don't think you'll be able to go anywhere else.