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Ammo Depot

marker Rancho Cordova, California


50 reviews
Charlie D

Bought two guns here 6 weeks ago. Still waiting on confirmation that my background check has cleared. We are well past their estimated delivery date. Ive called several times and they never pick up. Ive emailed them, but no response. I will not be buying ammo or anything else here ever again. Already bought ammo somewhere else. I recommend going anywhere but here. Tell your friends to do the same.
Zac K

ive called over and over and over again on separate days to hopefully get some answers to my questions before i drive all the way down there and give you my business. i understand its more busy than usual but seriously? i see you have no problem responding to your negative reviews on google and yelp but cant seem to answer a direct call to your store? customers on the phone are just as important as customers in your store. super disappointing.
Hasani Banks

I went today to get some ammo after work. Got there at 6:10pm. The line was outside with literally only five customers in front of me. Myself & two other customers finally get to the entrance at about 6:32pm, only to be turned away. Like seriously? Staff could have told us that they were cutting off the line at a certain point. Super waste of time. I just wanted to buy ammo. Id been calling all week just to check stock on 223. No answer just like the other reviewers...
James Stevens

I used to be a very loyal customer at ammo depot but when I went in to sell back an unfired gun I purchased from them they offered me an insulting and ridicules price, they actually took me outside to give me the offer, I knew at that point it was going to be bad. I was offered one price over the phone that was acceptable and another when I got there. I have since taken my business elsewhere along with three family members and four friends. I hope loosing customers that purchased 1000 rounds of ammo per visit on average was worth it.UPDATE! In response to my review from the Owner. I am not a lier nor do I exaggerate, maybe it was the first time in the history of your store but I was infact given an offer over the phone for not just one but two firearm (brand new, purchased from you and never fired. When your employee took me outside to make the offer he explained to me how a person will loose 30% of their investment with this type of transaction (something I was already aware of) but his offer was a 70% loss to me not 30%.As for returning to your store, thats not going to happen. As you well know gun people are loyal to their gun store and we have found a store that is worthy of our loyalty. Friendlier staff, great customer service, competitive pricing and above all they are fare, they purchased my firearm for what you offered me over the phone.
Alex Gates

Worst customer service experience in Sacramento! You should be white if you're expecting to be treated right! I will never shop here again!