29 reviews

Bay Area Tactical Group

marker San Carlos, California


29 reviews
Miaolin Fan

I had all my firearm experiences at BAT and always want to come back (p.s. I live in MA but visit CA quite often)! Will schedule for at least one pistol class with my friend every single time I visit Bay Area. There are several reasons I choose this place to be my No.1 trusted firearm trainer. First, they are very professional at training ppl at all levels. They will teach not only how to shoot with the firearms but also how to use these weapons safely and consciously. Second, the staffs are super friendly, patient and considerate. I am usually too shy to speak to ppl but I can feel no pressure to tell them my questions, concerns and individual needs; they always give me a positive, encouraging feedback. Lastly, the courses contain all the equipment and supply so do not need to concern bout extra fees you didnt expect. Just come with your ID and pay exactly as advertised.
Ernie Rossi

My wife wanted to take a basic pistol class as she had limited experience growing up handling a gun. We took both the basic and then the advanced pistol courses and have a very good experience. the instructors were very patient and helpful and she is much more comfortable handling her gun now.
Anthony Le

One shop stop really love there tactical bags and super nice staff. I have two of their bags and save my extra money to take more lessons there.
Swarnim Raj

Incorrect timing- it was closed at 6pm today.
Sunshine Spring Moose

Awesome business! Professional and tactical! Honestly its the one stop shop! Cpr, bags, training..