50 reviews

Big 5 Sporting Goods - San Mateo

marker San Mateo, California


50 reviews
William Hanley

A good selection of sporting good needs at a convenient location. Prices are a little high, but they had everything I needed before a trip to the beach...goggles, swim ware, toys for kids. Worth a trip.
Rohit Madampath

Shiny new store and it looks awesome. Fewer associates than I expected in the store and it took us 30 minutes to get help in the kid's bike section. I am hopeful these are growing pains and operations will get smoother very soon.
Katy St. Charles

They are seriously dumb af
Chris B Griffiths

Went in to try on some shoes & the staff was great. Unfortunately these dang masks we are required to wear give me the sniffles so I had to leave without a purchase but will be back tomorrow. Thanks for your help & I will be there tomorrow.
Eduardo Espinoza

Good spot to get quick fishing gear