50 reviews

Ammo Brothers

marker Santa Ana, California


50 reviews
L Hall

Terrible. Unbelievably inefficient, slow, almost as bad as Turners.
Tam Tran

When I came to buy a gun, I was introduced to greenfield xd with a full set of spare parts attached but when I came to receive it there was no spare box but only guns and two magazines. They have discredited the Amoro Bros store
sydney wen

Bring your patience, sense of humor and wear a hat cuz the entry lines are long, paperwork takes forever and best to call ahead before you go if you're looking for 9mm, .45 and .22 ammo. Gun pickups are slow now too bc DOJ is way backed up on the background checks.
Robert Kerr

THEY DON'T ANSWER PHONE CALLS.The pandemic excuse is worn out. The new normal and all. Millions of out of work Californians- hire one to take customer calls.A business that does not answer phone calls is not servicing customers and will not last. Spend your money with a business that cares enough to engage with its customers.
Richard Knott

I was at the Santa Ana store last Thursday at 5:40 and was turned away by a very rude young man wearing round black glasses. He said they had too many people in the store and they close at 6. The only reason they get 3 stars from me is that when we went back on Friday, we were helped by a gentleman I think his name was Adam who totally redeemed the customer service reputation. However, when we being checked out by the same rude kid that turned us away the day before he was coughing all over and not wearing a mask. I dont know who is running that place, but you definitely need to get rude guy with the round black frame glasses tested for COVID-19.