4 reviews

1st Liberty Firearms

marker Denver, Colorado


4 reviews
Elizabeth Orr

Change your website!! You state you buy/sell or trade at our location or yours. We drove out there only to be told you need an appointment and I don't have a store front to sell to the public. Then put that on your website! Lost our business and I know others too!
Joey Berzoza

Worst place to go would not recommend the lady was super nice but the old guy there was something else. He told me he would sell me a jar of 7.62x39mm for .10 cent a round and he counted them, it end up being over 100 rounds, then he realize he messed up by selling them .10 cent a round. Then told me he wasnt going to sell to me.
Tim Jacques

Bill's a good guy who helps out with whatever. Bought a 30-06 from liberty and then later ammo from them. Very happy with this purchase
Colton Schwader

Will update stars and description as the situation unfolds:1st Liberty Firearms was present at the Loveland, CO Gun Show on 24-25 March 2018. We purchased a Sig Sauer P320 and attempted to utilize it on a range later that day. The firearm would not trip the striker when the trigger was pulled. The only option we were given at this current moment is to make the drive over an hour into Denver so they could attempt to correct the situation. I was told that they cant be expected to test every gun they buy or accept as trade in for use as a resale...Rating a 1 star on what I feel can be a 5 star business because a gun that doesnt fire isnt a gun right? My rating will be adapted as appropriate depending on the actions taken by this company to rectify this failure. I would assume by normal business standards that a consumer making an additional trip of in excess 2-2.5 hours drive time alone plus any waiting time and the overall inconvenience imposed due to faulty standards will be compensated accordingly but that will directly affect the rating.