4 reviews

Black Creek Armory & Ammo Depot

marker Middleburg, Florida


4 reviews
Bryan Lamboy

WARNING VETERANS!!!! You do not need to take the class if you have your DD214 with a honorable discharge. The owner doesnt give a real class and will take your money ($50) knowing veterans do not require the certification. The tax office told me that I was wrongfully charged and taken advantage of. After applying for my CWL, I called the gun store to get my money back and the owner said no because he didnt know I was a veteran. When I went for the certification, I verbally stated that I was a veteran and on my drivers license veteran is printed clearly on it. I also stated on the test (5-6 yes or no questions with 1 written question) that I am a veteran. The owner has no integrity and should be ashamed of himself.
Tony Isaistttystt

Price gouging on ammo
Matthew Coffey

Great experience
chris branson

Great place to repair and clean your firearms. Fair and honest.