25 reviews

American Gun, Inc

marker Ocala, Florida


25 reviews
David Lew

I did an FFL transfer with this business. Everything went smoothly and was able to take my firearm home in less than five minutes. Also purchased some ammunition. Knowledgeable staff.
Robert Rodriguez

Matt Was very helpful took care our needs for home and personal protection NO BS highly recommended Robert And Diane Keep Safe
Shnaz Fangler

Walked into the shop, walked around the shop and walked out of the shop. Was not greeted once, made eye contact with, nor acknowledged in any way. Helping a customer is no excuse to ignore a new customer walking in and around your shop. Ive been coming in here for the last 5 years and purchased multiple firearms with the old owner. I come to places like this to support small business, not to be treated like Im in Walmart where nobody cares about their job. I dont want to hear excuses about why you couldnt take one second out of your conversation at the counter to greet me or give me a head nod or any kind of acknowledgement. Reading the other reviews its apparent Im not the only one who feels this way. Ill take my business elsewhere from now on.
Ryan Harter

Sold a gun here. Great price and honest deal. Highly recommended.
David Clouston

Thank you Matt... I'm very happy with my purchase today..I suggest if for the holidays if you are looking for a place too shop.. Shop here! Very professional ... Support your local arms dealers!!