18 reviews

A To Z Guns & Pawn

marker Pompano Beach, Florida


18 reviews
Kyle Weber

Complete rip off pawn shop! They know nothing about guns and basically stole a gun from my girlfriend that she was getting money for while I was at work. Typical business that sees a female and trys to take advantage. Do not go here if you are doing anything firearm related they do not know what they are talking about!
Coach Woods

Orlando Ortiz

I went here once and never went again. I went looking for a holster and keep in mind I told him I was a newbie just purchased my first firearm and needed a holster. He took advantage of me a sold me a holster for $85 that cost $30 when I found it elsewhere. DO NOT GO HERE!!! I hate people that take advantage of others and all I wanted was a little guidance. Now its been some time but Im sure if they did it once it will happen again. I found a lot of other gun stores who respect their customers, and I dont mind going back and spending my hard earned money with them...
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