50 reviews

Andro Corp

marker Winter Garden, Florida


50 reviews
Steve Walker

Awesome service after the sale! So glad I purchased from these Top-notch professionals. I look forward to doing business with them again.
Danny S

Solid US made parts at very fair prices. Definitely recommend using them.
Shane Kichard

The fine folks at AndroCorps are seriously top notch. Along the long road from conception, to opening the box, Jason was straightforward, honest and in contact every step of the way. Fantastic communication, quality and ethics. I will work with AndroCorp again very soon. This has been one of my best experiences in the custom firearm market. Thank you.
RC Nelson

I own 15 of these FREEDOM BEASTS. I have fired several thousand rounds through them and never ever had an issue with any of them. ACI turns out 100% BADASSERY!!!
Stephany L.

I had the awesome luck of coming across Andro Corp Industries on a deep google internet dive looking for a reasonable custom AR-15 builder. After searching the Andro website pretty extensively I filled out the contact form on a Saturday evening. Within five minutes (maybe less) Jason from Andro Corp responded and answered all of my initial questions. I exchanged several emails with Jason and realized I had struck gold! Due diligence revealed 4.8 google and facebook reviews as well as Andro being highly regarded on the AR-15 forum (no easy feat). I proposed a group buy with several friends and Andro supplied eight AR-15 pistols. Once a couple guns had shipped, I realized via email that Jason had superb flash cans custom built for Andro that would really complement the 7.5' build and he immediately redesigned the uppers with 9' hand guards and installed the flash cans slightly recessed creating a superb weapon. All of this was accomplished with a very minimal charge. Unfortunately for my wife I am hooked, and will be buying at least two more weapon platforms from Andro. If you happen across this review please do yourself a favor and contact Jason at Andro Corp. It will be the best AR-15 weapons system decision you can ever make!