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2 Bear Arms

marker Canton, Georgia


45 reviews
Lanza Romanza

I have purchased two firearms from these gentlemen. First was about six months ago. It was a used firearm. Once I took it to the range, I discovered the firing pin was striking a bit light. Took it back and they fixed it up promptly. Now it's perfect.About 2 months ago, I purchased a new firearm (during this whole 'pandemic' thing). Little did I know, the firearm had been manufacturing discontinued. So getting one took some time. No matter, Triston went above and beyond to find my rifle and kept me informed of progress. Great price too. And personal service, extremely professional and courteous.Ya know, I had gone to Cabelas a few weeks ago to look at some guns. They have a deli style number system where you grab a numbered ticket and then wait for your number to show. Like the end scene in Beetlejuice. I think I'd still be standing there. Felt like a branded bull. Not for me. I prefer the one-on-one customer service and care from a shop like 2 Bear Arms.
Harry Hibner

Middle of the day wouldn't answer the phone.
S May

My husband and I have bought at least 4 guns from Tristan. Hes very helpful and knowledgeable. Their prices are extremely competitive and the customer service can not be beat.
DTresh SF

It went and checked out this store today after a neighbor told me about it. I was very impressed and most importantly the staff was extremely friendly. They had a great selection of guns and ammo.
Randall Collins

Have nothing but good things to say about these guys, nice family owned business. Me an my son went in to look around got a few things.We will definitely will be there again in the future!Thanks guys!