44 reviews

Appalachian Armory & Off Road, Inc.

marker Dawsonville, Georgia


44 reviews
Thomas Clark

Best gun store in the state of Georgia. Lynda, Keith and Zach have helped me with several AR builds. Good prices and great conversation. Haven't walked out empty handed yet.
Jeff Born

Went in today with my son to purchase his first handgun. This is a family owned and operated business that treats you like family. My son walked out with a great deal on a nice Springfield, and I walked out abit jealous.
Kent Casey

Do not pass this gem up, Super friendly and skilled people, fair price and honest. I felt like a family member from the moment i entered the store, shown several options, and was not pressured, given pro's and cons before my purchase. over all, i drove from Griffin and will do it again, well worth the drive. if i could give more than 5 stars i would. tons of stock and lots of inventory.
Kyle 'Gweedo' Smith

First went there to build an AR through a class they had with their gunsmith. Kept wandering in because of their diverse selection and great prices. Now I'm going through them for my class 3 build needs. Great family shop with a ton of knowledge about their products. If you want a gun your way, this is the place to go to make it happen.
Stephen sfeir

Always friendly, pretty good selection, however I have never been in and said wow what a great deal. Usually 20% higher than any other gun store in the tri-county area. All used guns pricing is higher than new pricing at most stores, and if you ask if they will take any less the normal response is whats on the tag out the door. I have never bought a gun here because the aforementioned. The only parts and accessories Ive bought from them is due to being on hand and I wanted it at the time, or in the one off occasion nobody else had it in stock...but rest assured I paid 20-30% higher than I should have.