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Goldmine Pawn Shop in Daphne, AL: What Treasures Will You Find?

America’s fancy for firearms isn’t fading. With 16.4 million firearms sold in 2022, more people than ever are choosing to exercise their rights and own a gun.

Are you looking for a quality array of used firearms, premium ammo, tactical products, and just about anything else you could possibly want for your next range day in Daphne?

If yes, look no further. In this guide, we’ll take you inside the institution that is Goldmine Pawn Shop, located just off Highway 98. Be amazed as you survey their huge range of guns, ammo, and outdoor gear.

Read on for everything you need to know.

How to Find Goldmine Pawn Shop

Goldmine Pawn Shop is just a stone’s throw from Dapnne city center. Simply follow Highway 98 for a few miles till you see the turnoff.

Goldmine’s convenient location makes it a must-visit location for anybody in the Dampne area who’s looking for a reliable pawn shop. It’s a well-known landmark locally, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it with GPS.

We just typed ‘goldmine pawn’ into google maps and found ourselves there in no time. There’s ample parking and clear signposting, so don’t worry about logistics.

Blue Lable Certified Guns At Goldmine Pawn Shop

As a certified blue label distributor, Goldmine stocks premium Glock products backed for use by first responders. That means they’re authorized to supply weaponry to a wide range of agencies, including:

  • Sworn law enforcement officers
  • Volunteer and sworn firefighters and paramedics
  • Military personnel including reservists and National Guard members
  • Corrections and probation officers
  • Licensed security companies
  • Armed security guards
  • Justice officials
  • LE academy cadets

When you buy from Goldmine, you can rest assured your Glock pistol is up to the standard observed by law enforcement and other first responders – safe in the knowledge that your firearm is built to perform.

Long Guns at Goldmine

Goldmine also stocks a range of quality long guns. Whether you need an AR for the range or a shotgun for home defense, they’ve got you covered at a reasonable price.

If you already own guns, you can also find a huge selection of mods in this pawn, including grips, optics, extended mags, and much more. A trip to Goldmine is sure to leave you with an enhanced firearm that deserves a spell on the range.

Speaking of which, there’s a dedicated gun range on site, so you can test out the merchandise before you make a final decision. That way, you’ll walk away satisfied with your new firearm or tactical gear.

Lock and Load With Goldmine Ammo

Not only does Goldmine Pawn Shop stock a huge range of firearms, they’re also your first stop for great-value ammunition.

They offer shells and rounds for hobbyists, as well as handy wholesale packages for those who want to put some serious lead downrange. Whatever your needs, you can stay fully loaded for months with just one trip to Goldmine.

If you’ve been looking for one destination to fulfill your ammo needs in Daphne, Goldmine is on hand to keep your count up. Visit in-store to stay prepared.

What Else is in Stock?

Aside from its impressive range of guns and ammo, Goldmine Pawn Shop also offers plenty of other practical equipment and accessories. If you want to enhance your shooting experience even further, be sure to check out these great offerings:

Tactical Products

If you’re serious about owning a gun, you know the importance of tactical products. A few well-chosen accessories can enhance your shooting experience and give you the edge when you really need it.

At Goldmine, you’ll find plenty of tactical gear, including optics, utility vests, PPE, and more.

Outdoor Gear

For extended periods in the wild, you need adequate protection. Long hunting trips are made enjoyable by the outdoor gear you bring along.

Goldmine has everything you need for your next expedition into the wilderness. Hunting and hiking are supposed to be enjoyable, so be sure to equip yourself thoroughly before your next trip.

Knives and Tools

As a gun enthusiast, and potentially a hunter, we know that you also have a fondness for knives.

Complete your shopping trip at Goldmine with one of their top-quality blades. It’s a perfect addition to any day bag, and with prices that are hard to beat, it’s a no-brainer.

They also stock a huge variety of survival and utility tools, so be sure to check out the steel section before you part ways.

Selling at Goldmine Pawn Shop

Not only is Goldmine Pawn Shop a treasure trove, it’s also a great place to say goodbye to your once-loved guns. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, need a quick buck, or simply want to disarm, Goldmine is on hand to buy any decent firearms for a fair price.

Why not bring your unwanted firepower in for a valuation today? Goldmine prides itself on excellent rates for pawn and sales. Plus, with more than 40 years in the industry, they’re a renowned institution in AL.

That means you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price for your equipment.

Why Choose Goldmine Pawn Shop?

If you’re in the market for pawn services in Daphne, AL, look no further than Goldmine Pawn Shop.

This Alabama institution has a proven track record and thousands of happy customers to back it up. Whether you want o browse, buy, or sell, take the time to check out Goldmine and discover its many treasures today.

Thanks for reading this article. If you enjoyed it, search with us today. We’re the ultimate firearms and equipment directory – here to meet all your tactical requirements.

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5 Tips for Choosing an Online Gun Shop

I find it fascinating that almost 90% of gun owners cite protection as a reason for having firearms. Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a first-time buyer, finding the right online gun shop is crucial. Online gun shops have become more popular because of their convenience. However, not every online gun shop is reliable.

I’ve come up with five methods for helping you find the perfect shop.

1. Check Licenses and Certifications

It’s a good idea to ensure that the shop adheres to all necessary regulations. By verifying licenses and certifications, you can trust that you’re dealing with a responsible seller.

The Federal Firearms License (FFL) is the first license to look for. This license is for any business engaged in the sale of firearms. A legitimate online gun shop will display its FFL information on its website.

Do you want further FFL confirmation? You can visit the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives website.

Look for other certifications, such as membership in industry associations or compliance with specific safety standards.

By checking licenses and certifications, you can have confidence with every purchase. It ensures that the online gun shop operates within the boundaries of the law and prioritizes safety and responsibility in firearm sales.

2. Consider Selection and Availability

One advantage of online shopping is the ability to access a wide range of firearms and related accessories. That’s why you should find an online gun shop that meets your needs.

First, evaluate the variety of firearms available. A reputable online gun shop should offer a diverse selection of firearms. This can include high-quality shotguns, rifles, handguns, and various models.

Having many options ensures that you can find the right type of firearm. This is true whether you need something for personal defense, hunting, or sport shooting.

Consider the availability of the firearms you’re interested in. Some popular models may be in high demand and so have limited stock. Always check the stock levels of the online gun shop before making a purchase.

It should be easy to find product availability on their website. If not, contact their customer support for more information.

Don’t forget about the availability of accessories and related items. Online gun shops should offer a wide range of accessories. You may need scopes, holsters, magazines, and ammunition.

This lets you find all the necessary components in one place. I can’t think of anything better than simplifying the buying process.

3. Understanding Shipping Policies and Fees

Since firearms are regulated items, they require special handling and shipping procedures. This ensures compliance with local and federal laws.

Check if the online gun shop offers shipping services to your location. Some shops may have restrictions on shipping firearms due to legal requirements. Ensure they can send the firearm to your preferred address or a licensed dealer near you.

Familiarize yourself with the shipping fees. Shipping firearms is often expensive due to additional safety measures and legal compliance. There should be transparency in the online gun shop’s pricing structure. Legitimate and reliable shops will state the shipping fees upfront.

Are you wondering what other factors are worth looking into? Find out how the shop packages and ships firearms. This will ensure their safety during transit.

Reliable shops will use secure shipping methods to protect firearms from damage. They may also provide convenient tracking information.

Don’t forget about the required documentation for receiving the firearm. Firearms must be sent to a licensed dealer with a valid Federal Firearms License. The dealer will then complete the necessary background checks before handing over the gun to you.

4. Evaluate Customer Support and Return Policies

Evaluating customer support is another way you can guarantee a positive experience.

For starters, I suggest checking the availability and responsiveness of customer support. Look for multiple contact options. This could involve phone, email, or live chat.

A reliable online gun shop will have accessible and knowledgeable customer support representatives at the ready. That way, they can address any questions or concerns you might have. Prompt and helpful customer support can make all the difference in your gun shop online experience.

Be sure to double-check the return policies of the online gun shop. Understand if returns or exchanges are accepted. They may only accept them under certain conditions.

Legitimate online gun shops will have clear guidelines regarding returns for defective products. They may also provide a reasonable period for returns or exchanges.

Pay attention to any restocking fees or return shipping costs. Some online gun shops may hit you with returned-item fees. Knowing this, you won’t have any surprises that could ruin your shopping experience.

It’s also worth looking into the gun shop’s warranty or guarantee policies. Dependable shops often provide warranties on firearms or related accessories. That way, you can shop with confidence instead of being hesitant.

5. Research and Read Reviews

Before buying so much as a bullet, conducting thorough research is crucial. I recommend searching for online gun shops using relevant keywords.

Visit their websites and note the selection of firearms they offer, among other factors mentioned above.

Reading customer reviews can often tell you everything you need to know. Look for reviews on independent review websites or forums dedicated to firearms.

Pay close attention to comments about the shop’s customer service, shipping speed, and more. This research will give you a crystal-clear picture of what to expect from gun shops online.

Ready to Shop at the Best Online Gun Shop?

With these research tips, I know you can find an online gun shop that suits your needs.

My website makes it easy to find a gun shop near you. You’ll find a range of qualified and certified gun shops by inputting your zip code.

Do you have a question? I invite you to submit your comments or concerns to the community.

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A Guide to Different Types of 9mm Ammo for Self-Defense

If you’re about the take the plunge and become a registered firearm owner for the first time, you’re not alone. Gun sales in the US are currently at historic highs, with increasing numbers of first-timers taking their safety into their own hands.

Often, the first firearm of choice for the uninitiated is a handgun. Affordable and easy to use, the humble handgun has a lot going for it.

Once you have chosen the right handgun for you, the next step is to find the right ammunition. With that in mind, here’s your run-down of the different types of 9mm ammo for your self-defense. 

Why Are There So Many Types of 9mm Ammo?

Even if you know very little about the gun ammo market, you might already be getting the sense that 9mm is the only game in town. After all, this is often the most abundant offering at almost any gun shop.

This is because handguns tend to be the most popular firearms for private gun owners in America today.

It just so happens that most well-known handgun models use 9mm rounds. This includes the Glock 17, Sig Sauer 365, Ruger LCR, Browning Hi-Power, and the iconic Beretta 92.

But why do all of these weapons utilize 9mm ammo? Put simply, 9mm rounds offer the best fit. They are small and affordable and easy to manufacture. They are ideal for self-defense, since they have great stopping power, but are not so high-caliber that they will blow anything they touch to smithereens.

They load very easily into any handgun cartridge and are lightweight enough for most people to easily carry a sufficient amount of ammo. On most measures, the 9mm round is a solid choice for anyone considering gun ownership. 

What is the Caliber of a 9mm Bullet?

Of course, it’s not just size that matters. Depending on your self-defense, training, or hunting needs, the caliber will also be of crucial importance. Firearm caliber refers to the internal diameter of the gun barrel bore, alongside the diameter of the cartridge.

All 9mm bullets are .380 caliber, without exception. Keep this in mind when choosing a weapon and ammunition, so that you find ammo that actually fits with your gun.

The .380 caliber is also a great option for self-defense, especially for first-timers. This caliber tends to offer very little kickback, especially compared to other popular options such as .45 caliber bullets. Despite the very minor kickback offered by 9mm bullets, you still get plenty of power. 

Different 9mm Ammo Types Explained

9mm is less a specific type of bullet and more an umbrella category that contains many different options.

If you’re an inexperienced firearm owner, make sure to read through this guide to get to grips with the different types of 9mm ammo available to you. 

9mm Luger

Probably the most common 9mm ammo out there, the name 9mm Luger refers to the type of firearm it is originally designed for – the 9mm Luger semi-automatic.

Of course, these rounds work in a vast range of handguns today, not just Lugers.

You might also encounter this same round under the name ‘9mm NATO’, but there is no difference between this and the Luger. This is also the ammo that is most typically used by law enforcement, which should speak to its self-defense capabilities. 

.380 ACP

Also known as the Automatic Colt Pistol, the .380 ACP is an American classic. First brought into use all the way back in 1908, this old-school round continues to enjoy huge popularity.

It is largely designed for small pistols, especially those with low power and below-average muzzle velocity. If you’re using a compact handgun, this might be the right 9mm ammo for you. 

9mm Makarov

As the name suggested, the 9mm Makarov is a Soviet invention, developed in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Crucially, the Russians designed these rounds to be slightly larger than standard 9mm rounds, so that, should another country invade, they would not be able to use Russian rounds in their own weapons.

For that reason, 9mm Makarov rounds today are not interchangeable with some other types of 9mm ammunition, such as the .380 ACP. Despite this, the 9mm Makarov is a powerful bullet that has almost no kickback, plus an effective range of around 55 yards.

9mm Largo

This is an up-and-coming 9mm ammo type that is slowly making its way into gun shops across America. Currently, it is more popular in Europe where it is manufactured, and high prices have kept it out of the armories of many gun owners here in the States.

However, prices are falling and people are rethinking this bullet. What makes the 9mm Largo stand out is its design, with it being 4mm longer than the more popular 9mm Luger round.

This allows for a 30% increase in case capacity, allowing for better performance without an increase in case pressure. Essentially, you get a 9mm, but with a lot more power. 

.38 ACP 

Also known as the 9x23mmSR (Semi-Rimmed), this is another classic option with a history going back to the year 1900, when none other than Mr. John Browning himself designed this round for the iconic Colt M1900.

Note that the .38 ACP cannot be interchanged with .38 Smith & Weston rounds, nor with .38 Special rounds.

You might sometimes hear that .38 ACP rounds are too powerful and offer too much kickback, especially for a novice firearm user. However, this has not been the case for decades, as the load power has long since been reduced to more ‘standard’ levels.

Despite this, the .38 ACP is around 20% faster than the .38 Auto. This means that you can get more stopping power and considerably better firing distances with this round. 

Find a Reputable Ammo Retailer Near You 

While there are many types of 9mm ammo out there, your search does not need to be an overwhelming one.

By finding the right ammunition retailer, you can connect with a firearms expert who will identify the right ammo for your needs and weapon of choice. For this, we are here to help.

By using our Facility Search tool, you can find a reputable, reliable ammo retailer in your local area. 

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What is the Best Handgun for Beginners? Top 5 Options

There are around 393 million privately owned firearms in the US.

This is significantly more than in any other country, but while so many people own guns, it’s vital that each gun owner knows what they’re doing.

Gun shops – especially online gun shops – offer a lot of choices. There are some options that are definitely worth considering for a first handgun

In this guide, we’ll go over 5 of the best handgun choices for beginners. Keep reading for more.

1. Springfield XDM (9mm)

The Springfield XDM is easily one of the best 9mm handguns for beginners. It has major grasp slide serrations, and the back straps can be swapped out so you can implement something tailor-made for your hands. This may not seem significant, but after spending some time shooting, you’ll notice how much difference a comfortable grip makes.

The factory striker-fired trigger feels smoother than many would expect, which will help with your accuracy. Similar guns don’t always fit together very well, but when stripping this down, you’ll notice how precise all the components are.

It includes some additional features such as a loaded chamber indicator and striker status indicator. There are certain weapons handling and maintenance rules, and these make them easier to follow.

It also has triple safety guards. If you’re new to shooting, you’ll want to prioritize safety, so this is an ideal feature.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P 9

This may be the best handgun for beginners who are left-handed as it has ambidextrous controls. If you’re shooting with someone else and you have different dominant hands, you’ll both be able to use this with no issues.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 features a 17-round magazine plus one in the chamber. This gives you a lot of capacity for lengthy shooting sessions – although may not be the best if you want to practice reloading. The accessories rail allows you to attach various add-ons to you can try out new things such as a pistol light or advanced sight.

It’s durable but still lightweight. It has a smooth, ergonomic design so it feels comfortable in the hand. This handgun was designed based on the needs of law enforcement and military personnel, so it has great control, accuracy, and safety.

The M&P line itself is known for reliability. Malfunctions are rare, which is ideal for a beginner who wants to avoid issues while shooting.

3. Ruger LCR9

The Ruger LCR9 is a double-action revolver that’s compact and widely considered a classic. It has a snub nose but still offers good control. There are moon clips that clip onto the base of 9mm rounds – some beginners don’t like it as it involves a bit more fussing around than using a magazine.

On the plus side, however, this can help you practice reloading, which is an essential part of firearm usage. It only holds 5 rounds, so you’ll be an expert in reloading in no time.

9mm revolvers aren’t common, but this one works very well. The polymer body and short barrel make it lightweight so it’s easy to handle. It doesn’t have a huge range, however, so if you’re not a practiced marksman yet you can train at shorter distances.

4. Kahr CW9 (9mm)

One of the key benefits of the Kahr CW9 is that it’s easy to conceal – a well-known train among Kahr firearms. While compact, it’s still large enough that most people can get a full grip on it. It’s a striker-fired pistol, which is great for training.

The triggers of Kahr handguns are also well known for being long and smooth with a nice break, and things are no different here. It’s worth noting that some people don’t like this, while others do – it’s essentially a matter of personal preference. It does make things a bit safer, which is good for beginners.

This particular model is known for its reliability as it seemingly never jams even during extended use. The grip is firm, it’s easy to handle, and the mechanics are simple, so this is a great all-around choice for a beginner.

5. Glock 43 (9mm Luger)

Glocks are widely known for being great beginner pistols, with the 43 being one of the best. It features a beaver tail textured grip that feels great in the hand and a reversible release button for the magazine. If you want something compact, this is a great choice.

There’s plenty of aftermarket support, so you can easily find upgrades for almost every component of this handgun. There aren’t many options available that offer as much versatility.

It only holds 6 rounds, which is a downside for some people. It is, however, a good choice for anyone that wants to practice reloading.

Compared to most handguns, the Glock 43 is easy to take apart and put back together. This makes keeping it clean simple, and you can practice disassembling it without any issues. With that in mind, it also performs very well even when it is dirty.

Finding the Best Handgun for You

While some options are more suitable than others, the best handgun for anyone will come down to personal preference. We recommend thinking about the certain factors such as comfort, handling, reloading, maintenance, etc.

At Gun Shop Near You, we specialize in helping people find an online gun shop to purchase from. We can connect people with over 11,000 shops nationwide, making it easy to find the perfect handgun. Simply enter your zip code to find a gun shop near you today.

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8 Common Gun Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid for New Owners

46% of American homes have at least one gun. But as more and more people around the country are taking up gun ownership, there’s a growing need for knowledge on how to care for them properly.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that gun cleaning is a simple process. There’s more to it than taking out your gun and wiping the barrel a few times. To ensure the longevity of your firearm, read on for some common gun cleaning mistakes I like to avoid.

1. Harsh Cleaners

If you’re new to gun cleaning, I understand why you might be tempted to use chemicals like gasoline or kerosene. But these are two of the worst things you can use on your firearm. They’re extremely flammable and can lead to serious accidents.

The best way to clean a gun is by using a good quality solvent, like Break-Free CLP or Hoppe’s No. 9. You might be able to find a quality gun cleaning kit that has the solvent included so you can avoid the extra expense.

If you use harsh chemicals in your gun cleaning routine, the parts will wear down. Not only that, but the solvents can damage your gun’s finish.

2. Failing to Unload

I suggest unloading your firearm before cleaning it. The last thing you want is to accidentally fire your gun while it has a barrel plugged up with cleaning solvent.

How to unload a handgun? First, point the gun away from anything you don’t wish to shoot (including yourself).

Modern revolvers have either a fixed or swing-out cylinder.

To unload a revolver with a fixed cylinder, press the rod until you see the cartridge come out of its chamber. Then rotate the cylinder so that it aligns with, and pushes out, the next cartridge. Keep repeating this process until you have removed all cartridges from their chambers.

To unload a swing-out revolver, depress the rod and remove the cartridges. Re-latch the cylinder once the gun is out of ammo.

3. Not Cleaning the Internal Components

I know you’ll get the best results from cleaning every piece of your gun. Not doing so can lead to jamming and rust, which can make your gun malfunction or stop working altogether.

4. Cleaning Too Little

It’s a good rule of thumb to clean your gun after every use. You should also lightly clean it after shooting in dusty or wet conditions.

Dip a few patches in some lubricant cleaner and run them through the bore and other easily accessible parts of your firearm. This will remove any contaminates that might cause wear on more sensitive components, like the barrel or trigger assembly.

Inspect and deep clean your gun about once a month if you use it regularly.

Don’t worry about getting all the dirt out of every nook and cranny—you’ll never get there! I’ve seen over-cleaning do more harm than good. It strips away oil from essential parts.

5. Not Reading the Owner’s Manual

One of the mistakes new gun owners make is tossing out the manual. This can lead to wear and tear from using products or cleaning methods that are not recommended for your specific firearm.

While my gun cleaning suggestions are comprehensive, the owner’s manual will tell you exactly how to clean your gun and when to do it. It will also give you tips on the best way to maintain the parts of your firearm that need regular care.

6. Too Much Oil

A thin layer of gun oil will help keep your gun in good running condition, but it also serves as a magnet for dust particles. These particles collect inside the chamber where they can cause problems when firing your weapon.

Oil on your trigger is not necessary, though some gun enthusiasts will argue that it helps prevent the trigger from sticking. If you’re going to use lubricating oils on your firearm’s trigger assembly, I recommend applying just enough so that no excess drips off your finger. A single drop of oil should be sufficient.

7. Dirty Magazines

I believe the magazine is just as important as the gun since it’s responsible for feeding ammunition into your firearm. If a magazine is full of dust, you’re going to have issues when it comes time to shoot. To avoid this, clean your magazines after each trip to the shooting range or every few months otherwise.

You can clean a magazine by brushing dirt from the follower and wiping it with a patch. Wipe down the outside of the body as well.

8. Using One Patch

The first thing you’ll want to do is run one dry patch through the barrel of your gun. This will remove any leftover dust and other debris from the last time you fired it.

Next, remove any gunk inside your barrel using a cleaning solvent and another cotton patch (or two). In my experience, cleaning out the bore takes at least three or four patches.

Afterward, you’ll need a few dry patches to run back and forth through your bore until they come out white. That means all excess solvent is gone.

Avoid These Gun Cleaning Mistakes

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and don’t exceed the recommended amount of rounds to clean your weapon. If you got rid of the owner’s manual, avoiding these gun cleaning mistakes should help you preserve your firearm.

Cleaning your gun is a much easier process than you think, but I know it can be a little overwhelming. If you have any questions about how to clean your gun or what products are safe to use on your firearm, feel free to ask a question and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Handguns Under $500

The Best Handguns Under $500

As 2022 comes to an end, you’re likely concerned about what’s happening around you in America. In 2021, gun violence rose sharply and with the inflation crisis and other problems, this will only increase for the foreseeable future.

While we need good policing to protect us, we must also take it upon ourselves to protect our property and families. The best solution is to get a decent handgun for your protection.

If you’re on a budget, you can definitely get a good quality $500 gun that’ll last you for several years.

Here are the best handguns under $500:

Kahr Arms CM9

Kahr Arms is one of the most respected brands for handguns and is especially a great choice for new gun owners. The CM9 is a small pistol so you won’t feel overwhelmed by it especially if you need it for concealed or open carry.

It can fit into most holsters so it’s perfect for carrying around and the lightness makes it comfortable to carry next to your hip.

It’s one of the easiest handguns to shoot with and it’s easy to insert and remove the magazine. It also has in-built combat sights to make it easier to aim your gun.

Ammo for pistols and similar kinds of guns is also affordable and it’s no different with the CM9.

This gun usually retails for around $450.

Smith & Wesson SD9VE

Smith & Wesson is of course one of the best firearms brands and many gun owners aren’t even aware that you can get handguns under $500 from them.

The SD9VE is a basic handgun with a black grip and a silver metal frame. The textured grip is easier to hold and is great if you have struggled with the recoil or are a beginner shooter.

It’s also a much easier handgun to disassemble and clean. You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain your handgun. It’s one of the easiest to shoot and is great for taking to the gun range for target practice.

This gun usually retails for around $260.


This is a great handgun to consider as you improve your shooting skills and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

It’s also a lightweight gun so it’s perfect for carrying around. It only weighs around 15 ounces and can even fit into a deep pocket. This makes it great for a variety of different holsters whether for your hip, against your ribs, or in your pocket.

The one downside is that you’ll need to carry extra magazines and ammo with you at all times. But it makes up for this with the sights that make it much easier for you to improve your aim and marksmanship.

It’s got a light recoil so you don’t have to worry about much discomfort. It’s much easier to clean and maintain.

This gun usually retails for around $250.

Smith & Wesson M&P 380

Here’s another great gun from Smith & Wesson. The M&P 380 is one of the most reliable and durable handguns that you’ll likely ever come across.

It’s got a firm grip and you can also add either manual safety or grip safety to the gun. It weighs around 18.5 ounces and can hold up to 8 rounds in the magazine.

It’s also a semiautomatic gun which means that you don’t have to keep reloading as you fire the gun. You will have to release the trigger before pressing it again to shoot.

When you buy this gun you’ll also get a ton of accessories to enhance your experience. You’ll get a cleaning kit made solely for this gun and instructions on how to maintain it.

You’ll also get protective eyewear, hearing protection, and a bag to carry the gun in. 

This gun usually retails for around $400. For less than $500 you’ll get one of the best kinds of guns along with great accessories.

Bersa Thunder 380

This gun is often overlooked compared to some of the others on this list. But it has many advantages that both beginner and veteran shooters might miss out on.

It’s also an ambidextrous gun so it’s perfect for left-handed and right-handed persons, which is often rare when it comes to different kinds of guns. The grip isn’t the most comfortable, however, and does take some time to get used to.

However, it’s got a great sight option and has a three-dot system. This makes it easier to aim your gun in multiple areas for continuous shooting. This is another ideal gun to take to your local gun range.

But despite its few setbacks, this is a great gun for personal protection. It also has a lifetime service contract. This means that whenever there’s an issue with the gun you can take it to your local gunsmith to get it fixed. You can send it to the manufacturer if there are major issues.

This gun usually retails for around $330.

Mossberg MC 1SC

Mossberg is one of the most trusted manufacturers of different kinds of guns including some rather powerful shotguns. But it’s also a great brand if you’re looking for handguns under $500.

The MC 1SC is a 9mm handgun and is a great choice for concealed carry. It has a flat trigger and is one of the easiest guns to maintain. You can dismantle it within a few minutes and clean it with ease.

It weighs 19 ounces and can hold up to 7 rounds at a time. It’s got a carbon coat which makes it more durable and makes it less susceptible to damage from continued use.

This gun usually retails for around $340.

Those Are the Best Handguns Under $500

Now you know the best handguns under $500 and can decide which is the best option for your needs.

These guns are all great for open or concealed carry and many of them are also great for fitting into holsters. Keep an eye on what you wish to prioritize with these guns.

Some might have a poor sighting but excellent grips. Others might be heavier but also allow for continuous shooting.

If you have more questions about any of these guns and need our help, you can reach out to us.

ammo storage mistakes

7 Common Ammo Storage Mistakes to Avoid for New Gun Owners

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 5 million Americans became gun owners. Unfortunately, new gun owners get a lot of things wrong about their weapons, particularly when it comes to storing ammo. 

If you’re a new gun owner, you need to make sure that you’re storing your ammunition correctly. Storing ammo is easy to get wrong and there are some big mistakes that could reduce the effectiveness of your ammo and cause problems. 

Here are 7 common ammo storage mistakes that you should avoid as a new gun owner.

1. Not Choosing Storage Containers Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes new gun owners make is not using the correct storage container for their ammunition. 

An ammo container should be made with durability in mind and should do a good job of protecting ammunition from the elements. It should have a rubber seal to prevent moisture from getting in. It will likely be metal, although some great plastic ammo containers exist as well.

Ammo storage containers should also be the correct size and should be labeled appropriately to avoid potential problems. Be sure to label and date the container that you use so that you always know what ammo is in it.

2. Keeping Your Ammo in Hot Places

Another mistake to avoid when storing ammo is storing it in a location that’s too hot. 

While it’s unlikely to be dangerous to store ammo in hot places, it’s possible that gunpowder can degrade as a result of high temperatures. When temperatures are over 150°F, the ammo could corrode or deteriorate and this could lead to problems such as decreased accuracy.

Don’t store ammo in a vehicle or in a hot place such as an attic. Be sure to consider the correct temperature for ammo storage if you want to be sure that your ammunition retains its quality and continues to work well.

3. Failing to Avoid Humidity and Moisture

One of the major things that you should make sure that your ammo avoids is humidity. It can cause a lot of problems to your rounds and can lead to corrosion and damage.

Be sure that you store your ammunition container in a cool, dry place so that no moisture can get to it. You’ll want to be sure that you use ammo boxes that are sealed properly and won’t let any moisture in. 

It’s also a good idea to place a desiccant inside your ammo container to ensure that any moisture that gets in is absorbed. 

4. Storing Ammo Near Hazardous Materials

Another big mistake with storing ammo is storing it near other items that are combustible or problematic in some way.

Storing ammo next to things such as flares, firewood, and household chemicals could potentially be dangerous and there’s a small chance that it could lead to an explosion or a fire. You should also be sure to keep ammo away from potential sources of heat such as kitchen stoves or a radiator as well.

Make sure that you keep your ammo in a storage container and away from any of these potential hazards.

5. Storing All Ammo Types In the Same Place

It’s also a mistake to store all of your ammo together in one place. Storing it all in one place puts your ammo at risk if any of the other issues listed here affect it and if any damage occurs.

In addition to this, storing ammo in different locations will also help to protect it in the case of theft. It will also make it more accessible if you need access to it due to a home invasion or another emergency situation.

Keeping your ammo in a few different storage spots can minimize problems. It will help you have access to quality ammo when you need it.

6. Making Your Ammo Too Accessible

While you’ll want to make sure that you can get access to gun ammo when needed, you should also make sure that it’s not too accessible. Firearm safety in the home should be a top priority. 

Particularly, if you have children, you need to make sure that you keep your ammunition in a concealed and protected spot that they can’t get to. Simply storing ammunition on a shelf in your home or in a drawer without having a proper lock in place can be a big mistake.

Store your ammo somewhere that is out of reach of children and check your ammunition box from time to time to ensure that it’s still secure and hasn’t been damaged.

7. Failing to Keep Your Ammo Organized

Instead of putting all of the types of ammunition you have into one box together haphazardly, it’s important that you keep your ammo organized.

Using cans for ammo and labeling them based on their type is a good idea that will be more convenient for you overall. If you need a particular caliber of ammunition, then you’ll be able to find it easily without having to look through a disorganized storage box.

If you have multiple types of ammo, be sure to organize it sensibly so that it’s easy to get what you need when you need it.

Avoiding These Major Ammo Storage Mistakes

If you’re a new gun owner, be sure to take steps to avoid the big ammo storage mistakes that we’ve listed above.

While it can be useful to have plenty of ammo stored, make sure to store it in the right way. You should always store your ammo in a way that protects it from damage and also keeps you and your family as safe as possible.

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types of ammo

A Detailed Guide for Beginners on the Types of Ammo for Handguns

Handguns are the most popular type of firearm in the US. Experienced gun owners and novices alike are likely to own at least one handgun. They are easy to use, easy to store, and invaluable in a self-defense situation, where larger firearms would be impractical. For new gun owners, choosing a handgun to buy can be a challenge, with so much variety on the market. But choosing between the different types of ammo for your handgun might be even more difficult, thanks to a wide range of calibers, sizes, and shapes.

If you’re new to firearms, you need to understand the basics regarding different types of ammo, to ensure personal safety and proper functionality of your gun. Keep reading below to learn all about hand guns now.

Bullet Caliber

Bullets are actually made of three main sections. The outer shell is called a case. Inside, you have two components: the propellent and the bullet. Altogether, you can refer to individual ammunition units as “cartridges” or “rounds.”

Many people mistakingly called these bullets, not realizing that the bullet is actually the small projectile within the cartridge. Only the bullet comes out of the barrel of your gun, while the case ejects out of the side of the firearm.

The most important thing to understand when choosing ammo is your pistol caliber. Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet, as well as the diameter of your gun’s barrel.

.22 caliber rounds should only be shot out of a .22 caliber barrel, to ensure a perfect fit. Shooting a round that is too large for the barrel of your firearm can be very dangerous.

When buying ammo, make sure you know what caliber your handgun is chambered in. The most popular calibers for handguns are .22 LR, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .357 Magnum.

If buying a new handgun, it helps to know that 9mm is the most common ammunition in the US, making it the easiest to find, anywhere you go.

The caliber of your gun should be denoted on the exterior of your gun. Always confirm the caliber of your gun matches the ammunition you are using before you load the firearm.

Bullet Size/Length

Caliber isn’t the only thing to consider when buying ammo for your handgun. In each caliber, bullets will come in different weights, shapes, and sizes, too.

When talking about bullet sizes, people are generally referring to the length of the cartridge.

New shooters who are looking for all-purpose ammunition don’t need to worry so much about length. But it’s helpful to understand.

When looking at a box of ammo on the shelf, the case length will be the second number listed, after the caliber.

The length of the case determines how much propellant can be stored inside. More propellant can mean more power.

Within a particular caliber, you might find rounds that are much longer than others. Therefore, they might not be compatible with every handgun of that caliber.

When selecting a length, make sure it will fit in the chamber/magazine of your gun.

Bullet Weight

Bullet weight, also called grain weight, is important when considering the performance of your shooting.

Heavier bullets (higher grain weight) travel slower, but they provide more penetration and power. Lighter bullets can move faster, but may not penetrate as deeply, which is important to consider for hunting or self-protection.

Case Material

Most handgun ammunition is cased in either brass, steel, or aluminum. Brass is the most common and most preferred by shooters and manufacturers alike.

Because brass isn’t quite as hard as steel (the material of your gun’s barrel), it won’t wear down your gun prematurely. Steel ammunition tends to wear out your gun faster.

Brass is also the most affordable in most cases. If you want to try out aluminum or steel cartridges, ensure that your firearm can handle them by checking your owner’s manual.

Jacket Type

Bullets come in various jacket styles that greatly affect the impact of the bullet.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) is the most popular for handguns. They are less expensive, making them great for practice and target shooting.

FMJ refers to a copper coating covering the bullet. In a semi-automatic pistol, the coating increases reliability as they feed better.

Another popular bullet type for handguns is the Hollow Point (HP) or Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP).

These bullets are designed to mushroom and expand upon impact. They release their kinetic energy during the initial few inches of impact, doing more damage than an FMJ bullet would.

These are preferred for hunting or self-defense situations. They are unlikely to completely pass through a target, though that’s never guaranteed. Jacketed Hollow Points are coated with copper to make for easier feeding.

+P and +P+

You might also see a +P or a +P+ on the ammunition box at the store. These designations have to do with the propellent in the cartridge and are known to provide more power to your shots.

They are most common with revolver ammo. But you can check the caliber designation on your firearm to see if it’s compatible with these types of cartridges.

Study Your Owners Manual

If you already own a handgun, you just need to find ammunition designed to work with it. The owner’s manual of your firearm will tell you almost everything you need to know.

If you don’t have it in your possession, you can find a digital copy of your exact firearm online.

Also, examine your gun to find the caliber listed on either the barrel or the side of the frame. It’s etched on, so it should never disappear. The magazine of a handgun typically contains this information as well.

You’ll also find the serial number here, which you can use to find the manual for your firearm online.

Try Different Types of Ammo

Once you know what caliber to purchase, and what length of cartridge your gun can accommodate, you can try the various types of ammo that are available.

Each cartridge will perform a bit differently in different handgun models. It’s up to you to try a handful of different cartridges to see what you prefer shooting, and what is the most reliable with your gun.

Where to Buy Handgun Ammo

Need some ammo recommendations? The best way to figure out what types of ammo to try is to talk to the experts at a local gun shop. This is the advantage of buying in-person or online.

Looking for a reputable shop near you? Check our nationwide database here, so you can stock up on ammo today.

gun buyer

What Do I Need to Know as a Gun Buyer?

Did you know nearly four million Americans bought their first gun in 2020? From self-defense to recreation and hunting, countless Americans are considering buying a gun for the first time.

While most American adults are able to purchase a firearm without an issue, there are some things you need to know as a new gun buyer. Gun laws vary from state to state, so it’s always important to study up before making a purchase, and before traveling with a firearm.

Keep reading our gun buying guide below to learn how to buy a gun the right way. 

Firearm Safety Is First

Unlike applying for a driver’s license, there isn’t a course or test required before you start the gun buying process in most states. So long as you meet local requirements and have a clean background, you can go buy a gun today.

However, if you don’t have any experience with firearms, it’s to your benefit, and to the benefit of others around you, that you invest in some safety training. After all, more than 400 unintentional gun deaths happen every year in the US, typically due to inexperience with firearms.

Gun safety courses are offered by most gun ranges and give you the basic knowledge and practical skills for using a gun safely. Not only do you learn how to operate a firearm, but you learn the most important laws in your area, as well as how to transport and store a firearm.

Gun safety courses are affordable and often earn you a discount when buying a gun or signing up for a range membership. Check your local shooting range or gun stores to see what courses are offered in your area.  

On a side note, spending time at a shooting range allows you to rent and try out different guns, helping you find something you like before buying. 

Rules and Regulations About Buying a Gun

Every state has different regulations regarding gun buying and ownership. You need to know your local laws before buying. On top of that, if you plan to travel through other states with a firearm, you need to know that state’s laws as well.

A handful of states will require you to obtain a firearm permit or license before you can buy a gun. Some states will require you to register each firearm you purchase with the state. And some states will have magazine restrictions in place, limiting the number of rounds you can have in your magazine.

Most states allow for some form of concealed carry, which is the act of carrying a handgun on your person, in public, in a concealed manner. In most places, a course and license are needed. Yet in some states, concealed carry isn’t allowed at all, even if you are licensed in another state.

And to make matters more confusing, some states will honor concealed licenses from other states, while certain states only honor permits issued within that state. 

You can check out a full list of gun laws for each state here

How to Buy a Gun

Now for the fun part. As a first-time gun buyer, the process can seem daunting to bring home your first firearm. The reality is that it’s pretty easy for most Americans.

While some people will buy second-hand guns directly from other people, most will either buy a gun in a store or online. Here’s what the process looks like.

In-Store Gun Purchase

Buying a gun in a store is like buying anything else, with some additional paperwork required before you can walk out. 

When you find a gun you want to buy, you’ll have to undergo a background check. You’ll fill out some paperwork and the clerk will run the check, often taking less than 10 minutes. 

There are cases when a store will not be able to sell a firearm, depending on what the background check brings to light. Felonies and misdemeanors can disqualify you from purchasing a firearm, often depending on the penalty served for a crime.

Along with a background check, you’ll need to fill out a legal form (4473) which records the information of the gun you are buying. 

When all is said and done, you’ll complete the purchase, along with any accessories you need, such as ammunition, a gun case, a gun safe for home, a scope or sight, and so forth. 

Online Gun Purchase

If you have your eyes set on a specific gun, there’s a chance your local dealers might be out of stock. Luckily, you can buy a gun online in most states.

However, they can’t be shipped directly to your home. Online gun dealers offer shipping to a local gun store or in some cases, a shooting range. They can be shipped to any person or business that carries a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Once it arrives at the designated FFL, you’ll complete the same information that you would if you purchased the gun in the store. Some FFLs will charge a fee for this service since it takes time, and they aren’t making money on the gun sale. 

Best Types of Guns to Buy

Once you understand the rules and regulations regarding firearm ownership, it’s time to start shopping for one. And if you aren’t too gun-savvy, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the number of options and variations available.

First, decide why you are buying a gun. Are purchasing a home defense gun? Or something purely for target shooting? Do you want to start hunting?

Most new firearm owners purchase a starter handgun. They are very easy to learn how to use, and they are very practical regarding home defense or concealed carry.

They are easy to store at home in a small lockbox. And the portability makes them convenient to take to the range on a regular basis to keep your shooting skills up.

Otherwise, many new gun owners are looking to hunt. Therefore, they’re looking at a long gun. If deer is the priority, then a bolt-action rifle, chambered in calibers like 30/06, 30/30 Winchester, or 7mm Remington Magnum is a good option.

If you want to hunt birds or small game like squirrels or rabbits (which is great for beginners), a 12-gauge shotgun is hard to beat. Otherwise, you can start off light and cheap with a 22 LR (long rifle), which features minimal recoil and noise. 

Become a First-Time Gun Buyer Today

Buying a gun is easy for most people. The most important thing you can do as a new gun buyer is to learn firearm safety, followed by learning your state’s laws and regulations regarding firearm purchasing and ownership.

Then, you just need to decide which gun is going to be your first.

Looking for more tips regarding your first gun purchase? Head to our blog, which is loaded with helpful content for new gun owners. 

affordable handguns

The Top 7 Affordable Handguns for Under $500

Approximately 42% of Americans own a gun or live in a household with someone who does. A majority of these gun owners cite personal and home protection. With numerous firearms on the market, we find that the handgun is convenient to own.

Not only is it easy to carry but also great for self-defense and range shooting. Although you can spend a lot of money on a handgun and get something, not everyone has a huge amount they can spend on a firearm.

Luckily, you can get affordable handguns without compromising on performance. You can get high-quality handguns for under $500. In this article, we will review 7 of the best handguns that fit very well into this price range.


This double-action handgun is a 9mm Luger caliber with a 10+1-round capacity. Built to last, this handgun has a receiver made from superior quality 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy as well as a frame and grip made from Zytel polymer.

With an overall 5.7-inch length, we recommend the SCCY CPX-2 as a good concealable pistol. While we consider the double-action trigger a little heavy, you will get used to it and improve your accuracy. For ultimate gun safety, this handgun has got you covered with features like the hammer firing system, trigger lock, and guard safety.

In terms of disassembly and reassembly, we find that the all-steel, completely compressed recoil system design makes it easy.

2. Bersa Thunder Plus 380ACP 15RD 3.5″ Pistol

Looking for a handgun with good capacity for under $500?

We advise you consider this Thunder Plus handgun from Bersa. Chambered in .380ACP, it has an overall length of 6.6-inches and provides an exceptional capacity of 15+1 rounds. This means less reloading during an emergency or when at the range.

Made with a steel side and strong alloy frame, this handgun couples sturdiness with good balance. It also weighs in at 1.25-lbs (20 ounces) and features a rubber grip that provides a firm hold when you draw or aim the firearm.

In terms of safety mechanisms, we find the Thunder Plus very secure with its manual safety functionality and integral locking system along with the firing pin.

3. M&P Shield 40S&W BLK 3.1

When it comes to popularity, the M&P Shield is right up there with the best less than 500-dollar handguns. It is slim and lightweight, weighing at 1.19-lbs (19.04-ounces).

We recommend this handgun to anyone looking for a compact, durable firearm. The pistol measures at 6.1-inches in length, including the 3.1-inch barrel. It’s also chambered in .40 S&W with a capacity of 6+1 rounds.

It has fixed front and rear sights with a low bore axis as well as an 18-degree grip angle that makes shooting easy.

What we love most about this handgun is that it offers a steady trigger pull and short trigger reset. This helps enhance accuracy and allows for rapid follow-up shots. Additionally, this handgun has a no-tool takedown system that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

4. Ruger LCP II .380 ACP Pistol

If you are after durable but cheap handguns, we prefer the Ruger LCP II .380 ACP pistol. Thanks to its rugged construction, you can be sure it is built to last. It comes in the form of a hardened steel slide and a sturdy grip frame.

The handgun has a capacity of 6+1 rounds. With an overall length of 5.17-inches, we find it easy to conceal as you go about your daily business.

It is also easy to use. If you master the smooth trigger pull, your shooting accuracy will increase. You can also take advantage of the laser sight that affords shooters superior visibility.

5. Walther PPS M2 9mm LE Edition Pistol

Since Walther is a prestigious and long-established weapon manufacturer, most of their guns are well over $500 price. But not the PPS M2 9mm LE Edition handgun model. If you are buying a handgun, we advise you to select this model. While it’s affordable, it doesn’t compromise value.

It’s a high-quality, compact handgun with a stylish design and functionality to please any gun enthusiast. Coming in at 6.3-inches in overall length, this handgun is a good choice for EDC (Everyday Carry).

The application of tenifer coating to the slide and barrel makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. We also adore the 3-dot polymer sights that offer a day and night advantage through quick aiming and target acquisition.

6. Springfield XD Defenders Series 9mm 3″ Pistol

For a compact, budget-friendly handgun that packs a punch, you can never wrong with the Springfield XD Defenders Series. With its 9mm caliber and capacity of 13+1 rounds, the handgun offers exceptional shooting ability.

Weighing in at 1.625-lbs (26 ounces) with an overall 6.25-inch length, we notice the gun is often classified as a sub-compact. However, it still offers all of the features you will need for safe and smooth shooting. Some features we find worthy to note include:

  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Striker status indicator
  • USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) Action trigger system
  • Grip safety
  • Internal firing pin block

Additionally, we like the robust, durable use that this handgun offers thanks to its polymer frame and melonite metal finish.

7. Taurus 66 Medium .357 MAG/.38 SPL +P Revolver

When it comes to budget handguns, the Taurus 66 Medium provides great power and value. What we find impressive is that this handgun offers the choices of .38 Special +P ammo or .357 Magnum despite its affordability. It guarantees effective and hard-hitting shots sure to stop any intruders in their tracks.

It has an overall length of 12.25-inches and weighs more than other guns at 2.5-lbs (40 ounces). Additionally, it’s a 7-round capacity firearm. Since it’s easy to operate, we recommend it to new gun owners.

Whether you opt for the double-action or single-action trigger operation, safety is yours. We reckon it’s due to the transfer bar security feature that comes with a cohesive lock system.

Buy Affordable Handguns Near You

Looking for affordable handguns for under $500?

The list above highlights some guns you can get within that budget and their exceptional features. To find out more about budget handguns near you, check out our website.