9 reviews

Brown Dog Guns

marker Marion, Illinois


9 reviews
Austin Meadows

Stay away from this gun shop I was new to guns and looking to purchase my first weapon and I was taken advantage of and over paid 1500 for a maximum 900 dollar weapon there are alot better gun stores in the area no reason to come to brown dog guns.
Ronald Thorne

Dylan Modlin

First time I have been in there. And there wasn't many guns to look at that's for sure. but then I start talking to Jeff (the owner) and he was very helpful nice guy couldn't meet a better guy. and he led me to my first purchase of an AR that I'm going to build from the ground up, and we found the best price out there together. now I would have to say it would be the first stop that Id make when looking for a firearm r accessories.
Little Halo21

I a got ruger pistol magazine there, the owner is a good guy.
Rob Loftus

Terrific service here and the owner is absolutely wonderful. Very knowledgeable and quite friendly. I will definitely be doing more business with this gentleman.