9 reviews

Anchor Arms LLC

marker Glasgow, Kentucky


9 reviews
Laura Conley

This place is awesome. Has variety of guns. Awesome decor.
Aqua Gardens Vance

Anchor Arms cerakoted my SIG Sauer USMC style. I was very impressed with their skill level, turn around time and design. It makes me proud to be a Marine to see what they were able to do with my firearm.
Kristopher Koehler

Visited and used the range while on vacation with my family right down the road. Met Tyler, the owner, who let me shoot a 9mm full auto he had, as long as we loaded it with our own rounds. Very friendly place, and very welcoming! Way better than any shop Ive been to in New York, where Im from. Thanks again! I would gladly share photos on my social media, but Im one of those guys that doesnt have any. Oh, Tyler also let me shoot a full auto shotgun he had (10 gauge? 12? I dont remember...). Like I said, very awesome folks! Stop by and see them!
Hunter Frasier

Took my gun here with an idea and an open mind and was blow out of the water with the outcome. two very great guys (perfectionist) that know their stuff beyond belief. #cerakoteon
Paul Bertram

Awesome people and awesome product! Couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship. Thanks Anchor Arms!