5 reviews

ATS Tactical Gear

marker Oak Grove, Kentucky


5 reviews
Daniel Clampitt

Absolutely top notch service .they stand behind their product, especially when it comes to repairs. The only question they ever ask is 'how did it break so we can make the next version better?'Came in today because I needed a buckle to replace a broken one on a piece of kit not even made by them and they hooked me up with what I needed. Great people, great pieces of kit.
Tony Davis

Marilyn Gordon

Timothy McBearington

Had a great experience with these tactical gear experts. They are down to earth guys who know what we need on the battlefield. Add in that they stand behind their American made products and you have one of the best tactical gear establishments around. Finally, the fact that they are a bunch of Vets really made me feel like I was talking to guys who really understood not just what I wanted but why I needed it. It is important that we speak the same lingo.
Rama The Grey Pilgrim

The ATS Tactical Gear people are professional, polite and the prices are reasonable. They got what I need and their Transfer prices for firearms are probably the cheapest in the area, being a flat $25.00 dollars.