9 reviews

Armory Gun Shop

marker Princeton, Kentucky


9 reviews
Troy Messamore

Very friendly, new owner, good prices
Jessica Highfield

I like coming here. They let us send our Palmetto Armory stuff here and they're pretty laid back. Only reason I didn't rate them higher is because they are typically not very stocked on ammo and their prices are a bit higher than the bigger places.
Joey Lady

Garry Talley

I have ordered rifles online that were not in stock at the store and had to paperwork done there. I also ordered a rifle from him that was not in stock for a good price. Great service, fair prices, very knowledgeable on guns.
Jake Hund

Would give zero stars but not an option. Came in to have a simple swivel mount installed, had them with me. Older guy didnt acknowledge me when I came in with gun in hand, no one else in the store(very unwelcoming and plane rude). Asked him if he could do it and he looked at my screws and said not the right size. Theyre were multiple options in the package which clearly stated one of the screw options fit my make and model which I politely pointed out. Then said he was not interested in doing it. I was confused because I didnt know if that meant he couldnt do it or wouldnt do it. Then he said he had done over a hundred of these but wasnt interested in doing mine because I told him how to do it. He was very short and rude after that and walked away from me. Very poorly run business. Not how you treat customers. Not to mention the shop had very little inventory and was not clean. Do no waste your time or money here because they clearly are not interested in either one anyways.