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Benelli USA

marker Pocomoke City, Maryland


2 reviews

I recently purchased a Benelli M3 shotgun.I waited almost 7 months after ordering it for it to arrive.Its beautiful!As I was having my coffee one morning my newly adopted fur son knocked over my coffee cup, yes, it covered the owners manual.No problem I thought until I found the pages stuck together.I phoned Benelli to order another red manual, just like the one that came with my shotgun.They sent me what appears to be a cheap version of the original manual.I called and asked what it would take to get the same one that came with my shotgun.Benelli is unable to replace it!Imagine that!Not springs or followers or extractors and shotgun parts, they cant get an original manual.Holy Cow, how hard will parts be to get?I havent fired this yet, but it will be on Gunbroker tonight.This seems to be the path America is on, little to no service and basic items unobtainable!I got rid of all of my Sig Sauer firearms for something similar, Sig firearms dont evolve they get discontinued and new models arrive ca simply making the older versions better!Bye bye Benelli!
Chris Ragone

Great manufacturer of shotguns. Love my Benelli M1 Super 90 12 gauge semiauto shotgun!