50 reviews

Ann Arbor Arms

marker Ann Arbor, Michigan


50 reviews
Sandra Sexton

Shout out to CPL instructor Robby Torres, he's very knowledgeable and a wonderful instructor!! Thank you!!
Justin Johnson

Ive been a member at A3 for 4 months. During this time, Ive enjoyed every second. The staff is INCREDIBLE and have always been able to help out from the second I walk in.Ive taken both private lessons and completed my CPL course at A3. Robby is one of the best instructors out there! Definitely ask for him when youre looking to take a class. I highly recommend it here and will continue to be a member for years to come. Thank you A3 for all that you do!
Andrew Burghardt

Worst CPL course in SE Michigan. DO NOT take their course. Highly overpriced and completely impractical. The requirements to pass are insane and on top of that their indoor range is not air conditioned at all. So you better hope you can hit 6 in a row in a 120 range otherwise you fail. Now my pregnant wife is out $150 and is still unable to defend herself properly.
Patrick Russell

It would have been better if I had been notified before my online purchase that it would have to be delivered To the store in a week... not too happy about that other wise would have gotten 5 stars.
Steve Moulfair

Hit and miss. I go in after work as a mechanic, covered in dirt, tired, and people rush to me like I am going to steal something. I go in well dressed, ready to make a purchase, and takes forever for someone to help, only bought a nice pistol mat versus a new rifle. Suggestion to management. Staff should treat every customer 100% regardless of appearance, for fastest service though, I recommend going in filthy and homeless looking. Other then that, knowledgeable staff, and helpful when they give you the time. Prices are decent, and you support local business NOT some big box you saved a few dollars company. I could post more negative then positive, yet, overall this place is a solid 4, very clean, organised, a good location, and a local business!