6 reviews

Bill's Gun Repair

marker Proctor, Minnesota


6 reviews
nathan brink

Paul Winterscheidt

I had Bill ream the chamber on one of my rifles. He did quick work and was reasonable. No complaints at all.
Tyler Psyck

Nicholas J. Markkula

I brought a remington model 700 to bill's gun repair to have it reblued and glass bedded into a new stock. I originally had some issues working with bill as he had me come to pick up the gun a couple times and it wasn't finished. After pointing out the issues bill ended up finishing the gun beautifully. Bill does a nice job, just make sure you look everything over and let him know if you don't like something.

i brought the 870 wingmaster to this buisness, and he is a friendly guy that seems to know what hes doing. but the reason why this is a bad review is because i had a simple piece to have fixed before duck hunting of 2014 thats when i requested the gun to be back and he complied. well its now almost may of 2015 and its still not done. no updates, no info, no phone calls. every time i called its been excuse after excuse. needless to say i will never bring a gun there, nor do any further buisness with him.