21 reviews

American Gunsmith & Gun Shop

marker Rochester, Minnesota


21 reviews
ResiC 57

handles all of my online purchase transfers, super knowledgeable about everything I've ever had sent through his way and he can hold a good conversation while waiting for ridiculously slow NICS checks. this shop is one of the good ones.
Dan Patrick

Gary helped with my new pistol transfer and registration. Very nice shop, well maintained and organized. Will go back again for future purchases. Definitely recommend.
jeff parsons

Gary made my day - and my sons. I was a bit late ordering my sons birthday present, his first hunting rifle. It arrived at Garys store on the day of my sons birthday, and knowing this, Gary immediately mounted the scope for me instead of doing it later. As a result, my son got his rifle ON his birthday instead of later. It is this level of customer care and service that has won my loyalty as a customer. I highly recommend American Gunsmith!
Curt Kramer

Devin Boynton

Very nice, very reasonable prices! Ordered a rifle from an external website and had it shipped here and he made the process so easy. Answered all my stupid questions and has a really cool little shop. I am gonna totally buy a gun from from here in the future. Super satisfied