50 reviews

Arms Mart Inc

marker Independence, Missouri


50 reviews
airwalkpup W.

Mark ups all over the place. Too expensive for easy jobs. Go elsewhere this guy will just overcharge you
Craig Spinks

Always stocking what you need! Best place in the KC Metro.
Jonathon Groves

Let me start by saying that the staff are generally friendly, and the selection of firearms is overall amazing; they have almost everything you could ever look for, and usually stay stocked up, even during the recurring crises that happen every one to two years. The range is fairly priced and I generally enjoy shooting here. Now , the tragedy of this place is the mark up. You can expect to see anywhere from 10-50% markup on all the firearms. New guns selling for WELL over MSRP, used guns selling for the price of new gun with no discernible reason. It really is tragic, because there are so many missed opportunities for sales I would argue, with prices that high. Let's talk numbers, guys, i'd love to take a few of those firearms off your hands.
Sparkles Shine

Unless you're independently wealthy, don't even bother with this store. Prices are up to 50% higher than MSRP.
Katelyn Bellis

Rude men. Over priced guns.