50 reviews

Blue Steel Guns & Ammo

marker Raytown, Missouri


50 reviews
Laya Down

Not impressed with the customer service it seems you gotta be a regular here to get any kind of information. I wasn't impressed with their prices either. Their Ruger was $100 more than bass poor
Larry Myers

Very knowledgeable staff and friendly. Maggie took time with me and answered all my questions. I felt comfortable asking (Im sure) very basic questions. Her responses were easy to understand. Prices are fair and reasonable.
Stacy D. Smith

I purchased a firearm from them about a month ago and it was a simple and easy transaction. As a first-time gun owner, I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful they were. I had a number of questions they willingly answered and they even provided me with a legal workaround for not having my current address on my license. Their prices are about 6.5% higher than larger retailers for the pistol I purchased, but for the quality of service, I didn't mind. They also can get a little overwhelmed during high peak times, but the wait is typically not too bad. I would definitely buy another gun from them.
joel vaughn

Terrible. I bought a gun at Blue Steel a few months ago. Since then, I've found more issues with my rifle The front sight fell off of the rifle while in my case, and the rear sight adjustment screw is stripped completely! I can't even take the sight off because of this...
Herbert Smith V

This place is awesome. The staff here is nice and friendly. I had a new set of sights installed by Steve and I will be coming back.