50 reviews

ABQ Guns

marker Albuquerque, New Mexico


50 reviews
Matthew Molina

This was my first time in the shop I had a firearm transfered , customer service was great , took care of me as soon as I walked in. Will definitely go back !
JJ Rodgers

Very friendly and helpful! I always think if them first when it comes to anything related to firearms.
The Canabians

I was very happy with my purchase, but I have to say, the guy was pretty rude and wasn't very helpful to someone who just gave him a substantial amount of money and was interested in ordering additional accessories. He made several off hand comments and took a tone with me. He treated me just poorly. Just left a sour taste in my mouth, I think I'll look for a store where they treat me a bit better and are interested in helping me order accessories. Customer service is huge, so even though my purchase was great my experience as a first time customer left a considerable amount to be desired. And reading these other reviews I have to wonder if they lost a great employee or if he simply disliked me, but it was very rude. I was just happy to leave the store with my gun and that I'll never have to go back.Update: it was you who were rude to me. Glad to hear that my money wasnt substantial or even appreciated. Because when I was in the store it was packed and people were waiting to go in. The user name is a pun that my grandparents are Canadian, but nice try to associate me with that lifestyle because I was disappointed in your treatment of me.
Ricardo Hernandez

Ordered a S&W from them they got it to their store in 2 days which was awesome . Some nice people
emily stearns

They are not educated on New Mexico of federal gun laws..the woman who answered the phone was extremely rude and had judgemental tone! After a quick phone call to another local gun shop my questions were respectfully answered. Take your bussiness elsewhere!!!