50 reviews

American Shooter Supply Inc

marker Albany, New York


50 reviews
Maria Palladino

Purchased my first firearm here and went in with a little knowledge but wasnt sure what was best for me. I wanted protection for me and my daughter being a single mom it was important that safety was key. These guys were AMAZING!!! They answered all my questions and made sure I left there knowing everything.
Robert Alford

Definitely an amazing place if you are browsing and know exactly what you want . The service on certain days is absolutely abysmal with helping customers . The clientele at the store is at times a bit dodgy with this store being the only place Ive had a gun pointed at my head and this was at 3 separate occasions.
Fred Roberts

The owner is GREAT and helpful. Made me fill comfortable as a new gun buyer. Same for the staff.
Mary Powers

An amazing TRUE American company. This amazing company donated $5,000 reward for the return of 2 PTSD Therapy dogs. I cant thank you enough God bless you and your honorable business thank you again Mary & Gil Powers
Peter Foronda

Good inventory and knowledgable staff.