11 reviews

Black Bass Antiques

marker Bolton Landing, New York


11 reviews
Amy Helewa

This guy knows his inventory. Looked for my request for something with a camel on it. Then he sent me across the street! (Where I found just the thing!) Loves to chat, very friendly. Lots of good stuff.
Michael Korte

Love this place, like a library, but of Adirondack themed antiques. The store features tons of ancient fishing gear, and I mean everything, reels, rods, lures, etc. Also, there are maps, books, posters, highlighting among other things, the special spot in the Americas of the Adirondacks and the nature and culture of the region. This place even sells the best t-shirts, though they are brand new, in Bolton Landing. Everything else in Bolton is kind of lame AF. They also had some vintage Woolrich flannels hanging up throughout the store. They were selling for only $45 maybe? Anyways, best store in Bolton for sure. x5
Trev Thompson

Tanya 4603

Bobbi Bingel

OMG too much stuff! Have to visit in shifts, because you'll never see everything! Antiques plus souvenirs!