50 reviews

Blueline Tactical Supply

marker Elmsford, New York


50 reviews
Fortnite Memes

Worse place to go bad attitude walk in they think they are tough guys
Wall Street Wolf

My father and I was in there 9/09/2019 and everything was good at beginning , the guys in the front was nice and very friendly thank you guys. I have to be honest honest with this comment, but the guy inside of range the instructor With red shirt was very very aggressive . If I say I feel danger maybe is too much but really aggressive.I am not kidding at all I have never even experienced something like that in my life. He gives very bad attitude on me. I dont even know why? I have been very polite to him. I asked him some questions about how to use the rifle gun but he ignored me at all. I figure it out by myself and it took me 20 minutes I guess. I feel very upset about that. My father even told me probably we are not welcome to this place , he is very upset too. Anyway I hope the owner of store training some stuff how to respect people and no racist please, and sorry about my poor English .
Trina James

I was treated worst than a animal. I can see no reason than race. I didn't ask but one question. The instructor gave me a look we with hate and rage very angry. If I had known that I wouldn't came there and spent my money. I went there and the past and never had a encounter like this but this was bad. It had to be race and nothing else. The person they have there is showing tht he doesn't want certain people there. PlPlsdonspend s
luzr 1337

DO NOT SPEND MONEY HERE. They sold me a $300 firearm for $430. I dropped it off at the gunsmith for a small job OVER A MONTH AGO. THEY STILL HAVE IT. THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK. Every time I call, insufferably rude staff. I don't doubt a WORD of ANY of the negative reviews. Spend your money at Good Guys or A&J.
jese werner

The range instructor Seth is a miserable person who has very no respect for those who serve our country. Awful instructions and always claimed youre the reason the weapon jams even though they put no clp on said weapons.