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Carolina Guns and Gear

marker Asheboro, North Carolina


50 reviews
Michael Gaskin

DeeDee was exceptional. Found a pair of shotguns I had been looking for all over town. I drive from Greensboro to use them. Absolute excellence. Customer service was great!
Danny Lewis

I have been buying guns from these guys since they opened.Very professional and helpful would recommend for anybody looking for a deal!!
Marco Layedra

After moving to Asheboro from New Jersey I stopped at CGG to purchase my first firearm (of any kind) and had pretty much no idea what I was looking for. Since then Ive purchased three long guns and two handguns (soon to be three). Tim is The big bearded guy that seems to be the most knowledgeable about firearms but everyone there is great and very friendly. Since then Ive been a loyal customer due to the great service and the point system wich accumulates and becomes usable cash to be used towards in store items (wich are plentiful). I also ordered my Q5 match and once it arrived they called me immediately, I ordered it off of their website and it arrived within 3 days! even with all this crazy stuff going on, stay safe guys. #2A
Kaitlin Osborne

Amazing experience every time my husband and I walk in. All of our questions are always answered knowledgeably, the staff asks what we were looking for and they help us find what best fits our needs.
rick weaver

under new management and changed store atmosphere and layaway. the new staff is not near as good. they are gouging on ammo right now and the same guy lied to me twice that i know of in two visits on the same day. he told me that 223 200 count for $150 were his last 2 boxes of 223 and acted like this was a fair price, i went and bought what i could at walmart and decided i would pay too much if he still had a box. when i got back within an hour the boxes were gone and he was stocking 3 boxes of another brand of 223 which cost $30 more for the same 200 count. when i queried that the first 2 boxes were already sold, he stated that they were gone a long time ago and that those 3 boxes were the only 223 he had. what a lying, gouging sob. i have been a good customer of theirs in the past, but now i put them in the same class as cheaper than dirt who is price gouging again. i'm sure they have lost many former customers with their new management and management style. i edited this review which was full of praise to not mislead people and have them believe me to be a liar, which i am not. i know of one who is, however.UPDATED: 4/1/20 THEY LIED AGAIN. in the courier tribune they said they raised the prices on ammo to discourage stockpiling.. what a crock. THEY WERE PRICE GOUGING, plain and simple. you can't say you tripled the price of toilet paper, masks or sanitizer to discourage stockpiling and not be charged with price gouging. they should be punished.