47 reviews

Bear Arms Indoor Shooting Range

marker Brevard, North Carolina


47 reviews
Matthew Iacobini

I went there July 31 2019 and I never shot a gun before. The staff at Bear Arms Indoor Shooting Range was really knowledgeable and experienced on what they were talking about. I felt really comfortable in shooting the firearms and me knowing what to do in certain times. I highly recommend if you are in the area to check them out. From the new shooter like myself to the more experienced shooter. They have something for everyone
Walman SO.Beach15


You WANT to shoot here. Not only are Christopher and Justin, out of this world sharp about firearms and ammo, they are just Great guys. They go out of their way to help!! Chris helped me immensely with a new scope and refused to charge me..... Amazing folks and a wonderful environment, even for a novice like me. You will NOT be disappointed.
Bob Jones

Comfortable indoor shooting range with knowledgeable and friendly people.
Liz Lane

Great staff! Female and new to shooting hand guns and I felt very comfortable. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable without over explaining (mansplaining).