12 reviews

Bear Rock Outpost

marker Lenoir, North Carolina


12 reviews
Michael Pearson

Not open.
Shane Bare

If 0 stars were an option this would be 0. Has had almost $1300 of mine for almost 3 years. Money was paid for a factory ordered pistol. 33 months later no gun, no refund, will not answer the phone, is not open during posted hours. I chose this store to help support local business. I passed it en route to my Army reserve station. Now my only option is calling the ATF and hope she would rather give me my money back than give up her FFL. It's a real shame Emma, it didn't need to be like this.

Didn't answer when I called half the time, didn't call me back when she said she would, was randomly closed in the middle of the day without anything posted on the door, and when I finally got my gun back 3 weeks later the gun was cleared safe to shoot however the safety wasn't fixed like I'd asked.
Harry Grinton

Great prices good people
Waco Kid

Very helpful.