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marker Oxford, North Carolina


12 reviews
Jorp Steinnamen

Went here to see for some gun accessories. I walked through the door without a hello or how can I help you but one of the employees just sat behind the counter on their cell phone. I started to look around and either their business has been very busy recently or their stock is kept at a low level. I can buy anything they sell from an online store and have it cheaper, I go to a physical location to get assistance and opinions. Service sucked, variety sucked.Two stars because they had the AC on and had a dog in the store, that's about all the good you will find there.
Michael Ramey

Low selection lady working was short and rude said that that shop was more for self defense that they dont hunt... ok shotguns are self adherence...just rude acted like she didnt care for my business or not ... will not be back
Kevin Creech

Knowledgeable and friendly. Great service and inventory.
kA†e LyN

Short attitude,,not nice
Spencer Faulkner

Very informative and helpful