50 reviews

Tar River Arms

marker Wake Forest, North Carolina


50 reviews
David Malinzak

Made my first visit and a great purchase this week at TRA. I have know Kurt and his family for years and am so happy to see Kurt finally living his dream! The shop is very well staffed (Hi Herbie!) with competent and pleasant folks. They have an ever changing selection of quality products at competitive prices. If you go there (and you should) they are in back of the veterinary clinic on the lower level ... take the drive on the left and down the hill. Enjoy!
Gerald Pinkerton

Good Prices and old fashion customer service. Highly recommend.
Brian Tomlinson

Great service, professional knowledgeable staff! I will be going back for sure!
Joel White

These guys are awesome! Be sure to check out their engraving too
Patrick L

Love what you all are doing. I am from out of state and have bought a couple of things from you. Great customer service, quick delivery. Love the FB Live that Dave does all the time and the interactions with those watching. Expand and open a second store; preferrably in Michigan!!! I'll be your first employee! lol