27 reviews

Blue Ridge Marksmanship, LLC

marker Weaverville, North Carolina


27 reviews
Henry Pierpan

Great training!!!Excellent instruction!!!I've been to many pistol and carbine courses over the years including Academi/Blackwater and Ronnie Dodd's Shooting and Blue Ridge Marksmanship and Instructor Kevin were on par!!!
David Curnutte

Bruce Winker

I just completed the Pistol 1 class with Kevin. I highly recommend him! Ive had prior pistol training I can say from experience that Kevin is very good. Solid tactics, very good people skills, excellent training. The range facilities are dialed in! If you need advice on equipment he will show you how to get set up. I already signed up for my next class. If you carry a handgun for self-defense even just in the home-, you need to invest some time getting trained by Kevin. Period. You will not be disappointed.Im back again. I just completed the AR-15 Operators Course (Level 1) and it was mind-blowing! Ive been building and shooting AR-15s for nearly a decade. I had no idea how versatile the AR-15 is for self-defense, or that I could be so effective with one in this role. Kevin is an outstanding instructor: thorough, responsive and funny. He has decades of experience with the AR-15 platform, both in combat and as an instructor. The AR-15 class was well-paced and most of it was spent at the range. The range facilities are excellent and are constantly being improved. I fired about 600 rounds in various scenarios and from various positions. Kevin uses a shot timer as a measure of effectiveness and I think this is an outstanding training technique. If you want to run an AR-15 for self-defense or competition, take this class. Tips: when you register, start talking to Kevin about equipment. Hell help get you set up with the rifle, optics, slings, and other accessories that work, so that your class runs smoothly.
Nic Danckwart

Went for the concealed carry class. It was a great experience. Very knowledgeable and professional instruction, good facility and beautiful range. Felt welcome and was actively engaged the whole class. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a CCW class. I plan to return for higher level courses.
Jacob Franckowiak

Took the defensive pistol course. I learned a lot and had a blast doing so, in a safe environment. Excellent instructors. Would definitely recommend their courses.