19 reviews

Bill's Bait House

marker Waverly, Ohio


19 reviews
Dave Dee

Owners Mike/Tracy treat customers like family. Always always friendly knowledgeable service. LEO friendly. They take care of your sportsmans needs.
Nika Tolber

Recommend you go elsewhere. Recommended from a friend of mine that knows Mike the owner personally. Purchased a used SIG 380, dropped it off immediately to be cleaned by a gun collector, gun collector proceeds to tell me that the safety is broken and He recommended that it be returned. Spoke with Mike the following day and relayed the message and Mike said come back down and he would make it right and I could upgrade with the brand new Springfield 380, with me paying the difference between the two. Upon return Mike wants to give me a fraction credit of what I purchased the gun for even though that is not what we discussed. I reminded him what we spoke about and he slid the broken gun to me and said he wont do nothing, and he walked away from the counter as if I wasnt standing there. He eventually came back with an attitude and stated that he will send the gun off just to get it fixed but nothing more, which was not what we discussed at all, I didnt want a broken gun and preferred a new one at this point. He asked me if I wanted it fixed or not, I agreed because I was just going to be left with a broken gun and his attitude. While he was writing the gun up I further reminded him of the discussion that took place over the phone as soon as the gun was cleaned and what he said he was going to do for me. He proceeded to say, yes I said that until you came in here and try to tell me how to run my store. I further asked Mike, how is me reminding you of our conversation, running your store? Mike got upset because I would not take less for the broken gun he sold me, and because I questioned our conversation that took place, he said I was trying to run his store. He further said that he has been having a bad day because they were busy and didnt feel like dealing with me. In my opinion, and the opinion of the witness that was with me, Mike got upset because he was trying to swindle me out of money and I questioned him with the conversation that took place after the gun got cleaned by a gun collector. Mike the owner, is not a man of his word and when he is called out on his broken merchandise, instead of handling it like a businessman he will just tell you to leave his store and make it look as if we have done something to him. Its pretty sad because the person that recommended me, will no longer recommend him to anyone. Theres nothing worse than a businessman that lacks integrity nor his word. I would go to a reputable gun shop, steer clear from this one.
Raleigh Fam

Albert Gibbs

A very nice gun shop and even if they didnt have what I need at times they try their best to get what I needed. And their prices are fair
Dave Lambert