19 reviews

North Coast Shooter's Supply

marker Warrenton, Oregon


19 reviews
CalebGamer 16

The door said they closed at 6 but I walked in at 5:50 and they told me they were closed. Maybe update your hours and be less rude to your customers.
Morgan H.

Trevor Richardson

#1 shop wasnt clean. Smells like mold. #2 only a small selection of firearms and no smithing so not much of a shop at all.#3 hardly any ammo in stock. Owner was very short when asked if or when he would have any in stock. #4 was having an issue with front sight on my rifle. Owner showed no interest in helping me at all. Didnt even look up from his paper.
D'Nette Hicks

Last year he was pretty good , it did take a long time to get the gun I ordered but it did come, earlier this year I called and told him I wanted to order another gun and I told him which one and all and I even asked if I should come in and pay and all ... He said i can do it at the same time as my background check so I left him alone to do what he does, well I just called him and he told me he hasn't ordered anything and that if I didn't pay he didn't order, and I was like ......o.......k......cause I would have the same day
Terra Patterson

Very knowledgeable and competent personnel!