11 reviews

Aces N 8s Armory

marker Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


11 reviews
Vito Ishmail

Excellent service and the price was cheaper than local shops in the area. I would highly recommend this gun shop to anyone.
Brian Lohman

I swear this place is a front for something illegal. No matter what time or day you go the door is always locked and weather the website says they are open they are not. They are always closed.. odd huh
christopher Peake

Only open by appointment that's a silly way to run a business I'll go somewhere else with my business
Mark Perry

Spoke with guy who offered to paint my AR with scope for $375. Made appt to meet on Monday. Called l/m letting him know i was enroute to meet. Got no call back and he never showed. Waited and called again got voicemail letting him know i was outside waiting. No call ro let me know he was not showing up. Was recommended by a friend to use him. But now his unprofessional behavior by not showing up or even calling me back after several messages. I can not recommend this shop. It calls into question his possible workmanship. Use at own discretion. Still never call to try to save the job or apologize.
Jt Berger