3 reviews

Butler Gun Emporium

marker Chicora, Pennsylvania


3 reviews
Bill King


When I arrived the young man (the owner's) son had just returned home from deployment and was a professional AR and 3gunsmith. While he was a little sketchy on the vast array of MILSURP and C&R (the best public collection I've seen), he has the milspec and NATO weaponry down. He was only in store frequently keeping things afloat as his father (the owner I assume had just passed) but he was more than helpful and the shelves were lined with Carcanos, Mausers (name the type), Schmidt-Rubins, Steyr Mannlicher Straight Bolts, Springfields, Nagants, SKS's, possibly Enfields, and more. I wish him the best, and any AR or SCAR work, including sighting/optics, you may need done, this is the place. I'd take the attitude their over the local comp. anyday. Take a couple cups of coffee and spend a while sharing knowledge. Great selection of used small bore and shotgun options. Great place to pick up the kid's first gun. Can't say much better.I've had locals stop by with exotic guns, and walk out without having spent a penny as the fix was just a spring catch or jam. Buy local, service local. Box stores have NOTHING on these good people. I have a MILSURP DEMILLED Bren MKII I'd like him to look at fixing up cosmetically, it's a hell of a display piece though. And I don't have the money or skills for a receiver jig. *NOTE: The BREN is just being considered for improvement to cosmetic looks. The ATF has rendered it unfireable ever again as an import condition.

Mark is a great guy to deal with. He treats people fair when they bring guns in and when you buy from him - always a fair deal. He has many accessories and a good selection esp. used firearms. He also gets many vintage and collectible firearms as well. He also has ammo - basically, its a great shop ran by a great guy!