12 reviews

ARH Sport Shop

marker Claysville, Pennsylvania


12 reviews
Steffy Lynn

I have to say ARH Sport Shop went above and beyond for a girl 2 hours away. Thank you so much. Much love and the jokes so funny. The staff is awesome..xoxo
Jeanne Garrison

They were so nice and very helpful. The prices were great and I was very happy with the selection.
David Gordon

My wife suggested going to a small town gun shop to give support to a local owner. I am quite pleased that I did. Very friendly and helpful. Two days prior I had gone to RK Guns, they had nothing. I was told to go online and order it in. My wife immediately brought up their site and everything was sold out. We ordered my gun through ARH and was told it would be approximately one week. Did not fail. I would not hesitate to go to this gun shop in the future.
Jesse James

Randy Rohm

Best place to buy guns. Great prices and theybare willing to get anything you need.