50 reviews

507 Outfitters

marker Easton, Pennsylvania


50 reviews
Jason P

The store has great prices and the staff is friendly and helpful.
Dayna Janine

This place is awesome and organized! Wonderful customer service, everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming! Highly recommended!
Tom Radcliffe

I only just found out about 507 a couple days ago and I'm glad I did. Not only did they have exactly what I was looking for, they had many options that were very comparable. It was a bit strange having to schedule an appointment to buy a gun, but they made it simple and were very helpful/ friendly. I will definitely be coming back here in the future.
Terry Newnham

I had been searching for an optics ready CZ P10s for 5 months to no avail (out of stock, no availability, no restock date, etc. on gun store websites). I had exhausted internet searches and had contacted a half dozen gun stores across the country that showed availability with only one establishment in Alabama willing to contact their distributors when I was informed it was in fact not in stock. The other stores said to call back weekly to check inventory, we dont have waiting lists, or (and Im not kidding) a 12 second call of me explaining for what it was I was searching and them saying, Nope...dont have one...click. Then one evening I changed my search up a bit and came across 507 Outfitters. Pete was knowledgeable, informative and personable from the very beginning. He was honest about availability, but was willing to make a some calls to attempt to locate one. He called the next day to inform me he had located one, we completed the transaction and he shipped it to my FFL for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend 507 and I will definitely be working with Pete again!
Kathy Clevenger

I highly recommend 507 Outfitters. Great customer service, very organized, good selection. Knowledgeable staff. They had exactly what I wanted in stock, and was in and out in 30 minutes. So, if you are looking to purchase firearms, give 507 Outfitters a call, you wont be disappointed.