50 reviews

Allied Arms

marker Ladson, South Carolina


50 reviews
Austin Kerby

Nice enough people and seem helpful. Probably a one off bad experience based on the current state of the world, but please put up a sign stating that ammo is limited to two boxes per customer instead of letting me stand in line for 10 minutes holding 500 rounds to find out that I can only buy 40. I wanted to support local, but online let me buy without a limit no problem at a better price. I'm sure the ammo will sell no problem anyway and had there been a sign I really wouldn't have cared. Place was nice and clean though.
Al Bradham

I waited over a year for a large gun store to open near my shop. What a disappointment, no service. Allied Arms treats you like a friend. They even know my name when I walk through the door, my wife's not happy about that. Great store, great people.
Evan Biles

Called ahead of time to ask if they carried a particular gun and left a message. They never returned my call. Ok, well I saw it was available thru their online store so I decided to try my luck. Drove 30 minutes out of my way for them to tell me it was not in stock. Why bother with a phone/message machine if you aren't going to use it?
Darrell Chum

Favorite gun shop. Randy, Bay and the rest of the staff are always super chill and welcoming. The shops vibe is always relaxed, definitely a place where you can shop in peace without feeling rushed. Theyre also very knowledgeable and accommodating. Check them out.
Jack Boling

I have had a few transfers, and gun purchases from here and I can say that by far this is the best group of people I have ever met, they treat you like a person instead of a customer, and when you ask for help they try their hardest, or point you to where you can find out, this place is badass!