50 reviews

ATP Gun Shop & Range

marker Summerville, South Carolina


50 reviews
marija andonova

Poor service, DO NOT ORDER ANY FIREARMS AND HAVE THEM SENT TO atp. SEND THEM TO 'ALLIED ARMS' or any other dealership. All The customer service gives out is sweet F U ma'am, your a lady, and dont know what your talking about. I had to show up multiple times just for them to hit 'Enter' on there keyboard, and send there FFL Transfer request.. PISS POOR.
Cody Andrews

Went here the other day to get some work done on my rifle. One of the reps seemed to take pleasure in being an absolute tool. I specifically told him I was looking to get a two or three point sling. He informed me (information I already knew) that I have a QD sling mount on my stock, to which I responded, 'Cool, but I want a 2 or 3 point sling.' I bought one of those swivel mounts after I asked him if they charge to have the gunsmith install it. He said no, I thought it'd be a breeze. He gets the paperwork ready and I ask him if the gunsmith is backed up or if this will be a quick enough job that he can take care of it right then and there (it's a two minute job if you have the right tools). He then says, 'Standard answer, I have to tell you that it will take 4-6 weeks.' I put the pen down and said, okay, I understand that's your policy, but you gotta let me know if the gunsmith can look at it sooner...' He interrupts me, repeating himself like an incompetent, buffoon. I explained to him that I am changing duty stations in a week and cannot leave my rifle in South Carolina. He gave me this weird look and asked why I would leave my rifle here. I guess he's not very good at math either. I gave a few of my free range passes to a customer about to purchase range time and went on my merry way; hit'em where it hurts. One would think a gun range and store would conduct themselves in a professional manner instead of acting like a two-year old repeating what they've heard.
autumn fields

All I can say is the staff here was BEYOND rude. This is coming from someone who never leaves bad reviews. Take your money to PSA instead.
Timothy Apollo

These guys are pure professionals, one of the few places I have been to were they are courteous pleasant and knowledgeable all at once, with good prices as well.
Matthew Mutz

Awesome selection of firearms and accessories. Really knowledgeable staff willing to help.