50 reviews

Benton Shooters Supply

marker Benton, Tennessee


50 reviews
Mark McLemore

Inventory is down due to economy, ok. Limited staff, ok. Being told before you purchase a gun that a scope mount is available but were out of stock, ok. Having to call multiple times to try and get info on mount - not good. Being told your better off to order on line - not good. Being told i will have to call me rep to see if he can help - not good. I get back orders and out of stock but a lack of willingness to offer assistance is not cool. Being told 'i don't know what to tell you' should never come from an employee. For a store that i have spent probably 15k plus in over the years, really disappointment. Not sure how much money i will continue to spend here but one more experience like this and it will be zero.
Jay Davis

Great selection on guns and hunting gear. Nice folks to deal with.
John Tucker

Troy helped me out today and was AWESOME
Big Tater

Best place to pickup a quality handgun or rifle.
Clay Nally

I have been shooting bows for over 30 years. Have been to multiple archery pros over the years. Jeff blew them out of the water. He is the reason I drive over an hour for bow service. I highly recommend this business. Thank you Jeff for all of your help!