2 reviews

Abe's Gun store

marker Memphis, Tennessee


2 reviews

I was shopping for an AR and went to multiple gun shops around me. When I got here, there were two young men in the store, the store looked really organized and clean and some of the guns they had were antique, I enjoyed looking at them. Both guys dropped whatever they were doing and came out to welcome me. I right away felt a good vibe and knew I will have a good experience with them. I told them what I was looking for (even though I did not really know what I want), they both shared their thoughts and tips in looking for the rifle that fits my need. They showed me few to go over the features and see if they meet my expectation. I never felt pressured for a sale or them giving me BS just to talked me into buying what they have. I appreciate good customer service and honest people. I will check with this shop frequently and if I see anything I like I will spend money with them for sure. Thank you guys for being professional and for having a great gun shop.
Jake McGruder