28 reviews

Bellshire Hardware

marker Nashville, Tennessee


28 reviews

I would recommend this business for whatever you need.Always support your local businesses.The best FFL in Nashville.The process was quick and simple and super nice people.Buying a gun they have some great prices.
InSight Freedom

Friendly and knowledgable staff. I always enjoy my visits to this small store. I have purchased a couple of guns from them, a good bit of ammunition and spent a good bit of time just chatting. You don't usually get this in the bigger box stores.

Great place to purchase guns and supplies. Best transfer prices around customer service is tops. Family owned.
Chad H

I always have a good experience shopping for tools and equipment here. They are very attentive and knowledgeable! This should definitely be considered an essential business during the Pandemic of 2020. They politely welcome new customers who have never been interested in hardware before.
Christopher Victory

Went above and beyond for what I needed. Great customer service, and a very quick turn around for my order. They carried a lot of options for my needs, and I will continue to shop there in the future. So happy that I found this place!